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My main anime and manga account is on MyAnimeList

This is more of a back-up although I still use it quite often.

Some anime/manga are not added here because they dont have them on here, and vice versa (for MAL)

STALLED: I use it as a list for anime/manga that are still airing but I've seen all the episodes/chapters that have aired.


-Watching anime since 2002

-Reading manga since 2009

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GakiAlias Jul 9, 2018

Oh, and good luck on your book! I'm sure you'll do well for yourself.

GakiAlias Jul 9, 2018

Woops! I didn't see your comment there, my bad. I switched back to MAL so I'm putting putting this account aside for now. I don't mind that it's still barely functioning lol.

I have no idea whats going on honestly. I heard they've been having to deal with hackers lately, so my guess is they're upping there security? Either way I'm hoping for the best within a month or so. I do wish to get back into habit with MAL.

Great! I just finished the series a few days ago. Damn the feelings hard hit at the end; it definitely left a void in me. So I have yet more to watch!

GakiAlias Jun 30, 2018

I noticed. Too bad MAL still hasn't yet completely fixed the issue with the broken pages so I can't send requests at this time lmao. I do plan to go back to my roots at some point, but I'm patient enough to wait.

Oh boy, life does get in the way of your hobbies. I've nearly given up gaming and anime at some point! Though you just gotta keep going ya know.

I'm really just trying to get back into the nick of things with only a few shows here and there, mainly things I've been meaning to watch for a while now. I want to ease my way back into the habit. I do highly recommend this little beaut though ( I'm only halfway through the series and I'm already so hearfelt by it. And I'm not particularly that kinda guy xD. The show is still pretty recent, so from what I know not too many folks have seen it so far.

GakiAlias Jun 20, 2018

I know right, you're telling me! It's been frustrating having to wait for MAL to be fully operational again.

I haven't really started using this site till a few days ago myself. I'm still trying to get used to it.

I'll be sure to shoot you a request once MAL is up and running again! 

How's the Chinese cartoons going for you lately? Anything worth mentioning?

FullmetalDragon Jun 20, 2018

Ah, same tbh, but seasonal stuff is different for some reason. Probably because I have to wait a week for each episode, whereas if I always have access to a series, I'll loose interest if I stop keeping up with it.