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ThunderFoXdk Jun 26, 2015

Thanks for the follow. :) following you now too.

how do you like the site so far ? 

Sianeka Jun 26, 2015

Hello and welcome to a-p!! Hope you have fun here. ^_^

fluffypony Jun 25, 2015

Thank you for the follow ;) I am now following you back :)

fluffypony Jun 16, 2015

Hi there :D

I would like to officially welcome you to the wonderful world of Anime- Planet (A-P) As a Greeter of the awesome Welcome committee I wish you a great time here in the A-P and I hope that you will find it as interesting as I did.

If you ever need anything such as any anime recommendations or any help with the A-P feel free to ask for my help.

P.S. I am not a manga fun so if you have any questions about manga I will not be able to help you directly but I will do my best :P :D

ThunderFoXdk Jun 15, 2015

Hey and welcome to A-P i hope you have a good time on the site :)