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I love anime, well I'm here so I guess I'd have to... But seriously, don't the rest of you get more FEELING when you watch anime. Our 2D celebrities truly bring the most emotion and energy out of their audiences than any live action movie I have ever watched. Anime is not only emotion jerking, and I don't mean just tears, it is diverse as can be. There is a genre for everybody to enjoy and a fantasy each of us have thought about to witness through the animated genius of the creators. Also a slight touch on a controversial subject here, Anime girls are hot. Yes, I understand they are just animated characters drawn a piece of paper then brought to life through graphic design... but remove their overly disproportionate bust and curvaceous figures there personalities are what really make them beautiful. The personalities that are also portrayed by real people and there is a girl for everyone, personally I'm not into the timid submissive type, I'd prefer more of an Erza. Now if you are imagery-challenged and cannot use your animagination to see that implore you to go to an event and see for yourselves how anime fans are able to bring our favorite characters to life. I would like to take a moment to thank the ladies and gentlemen who use their personal time to reconstruct amazing costumes for the worlds viewing pleasure. Especially the ladies who deep down know that they will be saved in some Otaku's spank bank (NOT ME!!! ;p) and either do not care or enjoy that attention, either way I thankyou. Anyways whether you enjoy Anime, Manga, or just HHH I hope you find your fantasy and I know you will. Live, Laugh, Anime. #AnimazingLife

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