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Hi my name is Aniky777 and I love anime I have Watched anime since I was 8 years old.

It all Started from when i came from Africa to Denmark. 

I was getting used to living in Denmark. One day I was sitting on the sofa watching tv then suddenly there was Dragonball on tv.

I didn't like Dragonball that time but now I am ok with it. After that pokemon came. I loved pokemon that time i saw 4 seasons and like 3 movies.

But I didn't know that it was anime before I became 10. But one day I was on youtube and I saw kaichow wa maid sama and I was like ooooh and then I clicked after that I became interested in shoujo.

And from shoujo to mahou shoujo to idols. I loved mahou shoujos. That time and my Favorite Mahou shoujo was Jewelpet and Shougo chara.

 And my favorite Idol anime was Pretty rhythm I loved that anime. After that i moved to all kind of Genres and my favorite is Horror, Comedy, Romance and shounen. Right now my favorite anime is my hero academia and Gintama.

My top 10 childhood anime:

1. Kachou wa maid sama 

Billedresultat for kaichou wa maid

2. Special A 

Billedresultat for S.A anime

3. Full moon sagashite 

Billedresultat for full moon wo sagashite

4. Kimi ni todoke 

Billedresultat for kimi ni todoke

5. Jewelpet 

Billedresultat for jewelpet

6. Shugo chara

Billedresultat for shugo chara

7. Pretty rhythm

Billedresultat for pretty rhythm

8. Chibi vampire Karin 

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9. Daa Daa Daa/ UFO baby


10. Acchi kocchi

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That was my top childhood anime series.

My top 13 favorite anime guys from all time

1. Rin Okumura from Blue exorcist

Billedresultat for okumura rin

2. Yato from Noragami.  

Billedresultat for Yato

3. Usui Takumi from Kaichou wa maid sama

 Billedresultat for usui takumi

<h1 class="title style-scope ytd-video-primary-info-renderer"> </h1>

4. Hinata from Haikyuu

Billedresultat for haikyuu hinata 


5. kyoya sata from Wolf girl and black prince/ Ookami shoujo to kuro Ouji  

Billedresultat for kyoya sata


6. Japan form Hetalia 

Billedresultat for Japan Hetalia

7.  America from Hetalia 

Relateret billede


9. Takishima kei from Special A 

Billedresultat for Takishima kei 

10. Sakata Gintoki from Gintama 

Billedresultat for sakata gintoki 

11. Kaneki Ken from Tokyo ghoul

Billedresultat for kaneki ken

12. Hijikata Toshizō from Gintama 

Billedresultat for toshi hijikata

13. Okita sougo from Gintama 

Billedresultat for okita sougo gintama

14. Yukine from Noragami 

Billedresultat for Yukine


My Favorite anime series right now are:


Relateret billede

My hero academia 

Billedresultat for my hero academia


Billedresultat for haikyuu


That was all for now if there is something i should add then write down on the commet section bye XD....  

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FullmetalDragon Feb 19, 2019

It was nice, yeah. Pretty much just watched movies and ate cheesecake, which is always good fun. Ah, that's fair enough. Tbh, it's not something I ever really pay attention to, but I guess it is pretty big in the UK. Sooo many of my flatmates were complaining over the fact that they were single and I just had to stand there akwardly making curry with my boyfriend right next to me XD 

FullmetalDragon Feb 10, 2019

My boyfriends coming over for a few days round Valentines, so hanging out with him I guess? He's got a club social on the day itself though, so probably not gonna do anything on the actual day XD 

mamaima Jan 22, 2019

i'm beginer, would you inform can i wacth the anime and where.. thank you

FullmetalDragon Jan 16, 2019

Ok, I shall make sure to check it out :D

FullmetalDragon Jan 11, 2019

Ohhh, that sounds awesome. I think I will have to watch that :D