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Hii all Anime and Manga fans :o)

I started watching Anime around 2009 or so. But already back when Pokemon started coming out i watched it with all the boys in my class :oP lol
So i guess you can say that i have been watching it for some time now :o)

hm.. im not sure what to say about myself, but i guess i can try hehe

When im not reading Manga or Watching Animes, im with my friends, or family..

Then theres school -_- and my part time work..

So sadly i dont have so much time to Animes and Manga lately :'(

But when you have started to get addicted to it, i guess you always find time, even if its in the middel of the night :oP looool


I watch both Animes like One Piece, Bleach and Naruto.. But also ones like Skip Beat, Fruit Basket and Lovely Complex.. And even some like Junjou Romantica, Ikoku Irokoi Romantan and Sex Pistols.

I like watching something that can make me laugh :o)
And thats where One Piece is a really good serie.. But its also good in many other ways.
Bleach have its funny parts like Naruto, but they are mostly serious, but still good.

"girly animes" like Skip Beat, Fruit Basket and Lovely Complex are all really sweet, but also really funny :o) I have been watching others who have the same funnynes and sweetnes, but these 3 really stand out to me hehe.

And to the last 3, Junjou Romantica, Ikoku Irokoi Romantan and Sex Pistols are all 3 Yaoi-Shounen ai anmines..
And they are soooooo cute XD
Yes im a big fan girl lol
Like some of the other Junjou have sweetnes and funnynes, and i just love them XD
Ikoku Irokoi Romantan are just so sweet <3
And Sex Pistols are both funny and sexy lol


Well.. Im not the biggest book reader, but i have been reading a littel..

The big series like One Piece, Bleach osv, i dont read them.. only watch hehe

But after Skip Beat stopped as an Anime i had to read it, when i found out that it was still ongoing as a Manga hehe
Fruit Basket is also one that i mostly read, i have also read Emma, High School Debut, Sailor Fuku Ni Onegai and others.

When i read its manly "Girly" Manga´s or Yaoi-Shounen ai.. Dont know why i just prefere to watch the Animes if i can lol

None Anime/Manga

If i have to watch something else then Animes i guess its really something Action or Comedy, or something where both are in.

For Comedy i like Jim Carry and Jackie Chan moveis, like Ace Ventura, or Shanhai knights.
For Action i go for moveis with Hugh Jackman or Van Deisel XD

But mostly i just watch whatever theres on the tv.. when i watch tv.. cause its not much lately..

And for books.. uhm.. well.. Lets just say i read Manga´s okay lol XD


I guess thats all for me.. hmm.. I problably forgot something, so if i did, just ask hehe

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Hey there :)

I am IchiNaru. One of your friends in your list. This is my new profile :)


Take Care!

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Hi hi. ^_^

You are welcome. ^_^

And Happy New Year to you as well. ^_^


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Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas! ^_^