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Konichiwaaaaaa <3 

Gotta change my bio cause I am definitely not new here anymore. More like a fossil

I'm from Serbia and i have been watching anime for ages now. (I am old haahha ha)

I love almost every gender of anime. I'm not that into the big boob harem stuff. I could watch if there was more story than boobs.

The style the anime is drawn in and the effects are very important, but most importantly to have a good overall story and it is nice when there are back stories too. The more complicated the better.

I love to draw! these days i don't have much time but i enjoj it when ever i can!


I adore video games!!! my fav are

1. Guild Wars 2 (Have to say thanks to my Sempai that made the game so much fun <3 and the warm welcome that he and everyone gave me in his guild "Sun Walkers" <3)

2. LOL=League of Legends, its a cool strategy and my mains are Soraka, Sona and JINX!

3. Life is strange, not an online one but still so cool.

4. Skyrim <3

5. Asasin!

And so on and so on :3

May I add that i love to sing and dance...for my self ofc... XD

And i tend to be very talkative (My sis would say borring) and shy at the same time :3

I read a lot of manga(I can't remember all that I have read ( thank god for AP), mostly when a anime has ended i like to read the manga and see the real ending cause most anime just stops at a bad place and there is more to see <3

There are two mangas that I love,  they are Beast Master and Devils line  i have reread them lots of times<3

I have a lot of anime i started watching and acidently didnt finish soo i have to do that before i watch all the rest <3

So take good care of me everyone i tend to be clumsy alot <3 

                                                                         Love: Ani

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Mousekateer627 Apr 16, 2022

Hello Again. It's good to hear from you and I'm sorry I took so long to respond because I don't chat on AP often. A lot has happened to me after 2016 as well XD mostly good fortunately.

My anime watch time is a mix bag. I binged Tiger & Bunny,  Ushio & Tora and Fire Force, animes I've enjoyed from last season so far are Ranking of Kings and My Dress Up Darling. Animes I'm watching from this season are Aharen is Indecipherable, Spy X Family, Komi Can't Communicate S2, Miss Shachiku and the Little Baby Ghost, Love After World Domination, Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It S2 and Tomodachi Game. I'm also watching some older animes.

Kaeseolin Mar 14, 2022

Hi there. I liked your profile, it's pretty cool. :)

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Mar 14, 2022

i think thats pretty amazing

my country is rlly boring and cold and everyone is toxic asf

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Feb 1, 2022

hi AniTerentia!!

you seem really nice so ima follow u 

btw i've been wondering

is serbia a pretty place to live?? is it hot or cold?? im pretty stupid with countries but im just curious

AnimeJunkee Feb 1, 2022

I sadly don't know the answer to that. Some of the characters in my lists were suggested by other people, so a lot of stuff in them I've not seen yet.

Sorry that I couldn't provide a better answer 😣