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Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

Jul 21, 2019

Ah, Spec-Ops Asuka, what a polarizing show you are. Let's start with the bad. There clearly wasn't enough budget spent on animation here. Most of the action is animated, and pretty well at that, but then you get a slideshow, and both episode 7 and episode 10 are especially bad for this. The show is adapted from an ongoing manga that was never going to fit neatly into 12 episodes, with the result that not only does the ending not really wrap anything up, but it leaves a load of plot threads just dangling, being about the most blatant "go read the manga" ending you can get. (I mean, I did go read... See full review

6/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall