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Hello everybody, welcome to my page;). Hope you enjoy

MHA: Todoroki ♡ - ••Âme Soeur 2•• - Wattpad


First I wanna tell you how did I enter the anime world, and became a weeb:

it was 2013, I was 8 years old. In those days I used to watch dubbed anime on television without realizing that they are even animes. one day at school we were permitted to get our gadgets with us, one of my friends was watching Detective Conan, I truly loved it, so I returned home and watched it dubbed. I was just watching Detective Conan for me it was unusual watching it in Japanese, so I proceeded with dubbed. After some time I got bored of it and the dubbed version was truly limited. following 5 years, I didn't observe any anime, until I met a girl in my class that watches anime, she suggested Attack on titan so I have watched it, there were just 2 seasons around then, I truly loved it, around then I understood that anime is stunning, and I wanna continue watching, I asked that my friend give me more animes to watch so she gave me Black butler, I watched the first episode yet then halted. many months had passed and I didn't observe any anime until my cousin @fofoxxxchaaaaaaan gave me an application to watch anime, and from that time up to this point I'm watching anime, I watched over 150 animes, and I'm despite to watch more!


tkudo shinichi | Tumblr




ma babes(males):

Prince Shoto ❤️ (my gif) on We Heart It

''Todoroki Shoto''


i screamed so loud bruh erens scream could never. | Attack on ...

''Levi Ackerman''


Dazai Osamu gif by YanaryChimikado on DeviantArt

''Dazai Osamu''


Chuuya Nakahara (Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs) GIF | 2048

''Chuuya Nakahara''


Møøn søul — Guess what ? I love cats and this guy.

''Mabuchi Kou''


Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

''Tachibana Makoto''


Noragami Yato GIF - Noragami Yato Anime - Discover & Share GIFs



Animated gif about gif in haikyuu by Vam Yao on We Heart It

''Owikawa Tooru''


Welcome To My Anime Trash — The signs as Kageyama Tobio gifs

''Kageyama Tobio''


Top 30 Kuroo Tetsurou GIFs | Rechercher le meilleur GIF sur Gfycat

''Kuroo Tetsurou''


 Hyakkimaru - GIFs - Imgur



kono oto tomare! | Anime prince, Otaku anime, Anime films

''Chika Kudo''


Somebody said Anime Tuesday? I Give you Black Butler! - GIF on Imgur

''Sebastian Michaelis''


Shinya Hiragi - Seraph of the End / Owari no Seraph | Парни из аниме,  Аниме, Мальчики из аниме

''Hiragi Shinya''


Isaac Foster Zack - Satsuriku no Tenshi | Angel of death, Anime art dark,  Dark anime



Chihayafuru Taichi Mashima GIF - Chihayafuru TaichiMashima Look - Discover  & Share GIFs

'' Mashima Taichi''



what do you mean by I don't have a type, I obviously have 🌚

There is a lot, right :p 






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adroman786 Aug 11, 2020

 Hi! Nice to meet you. We to have so much same anime . My fav anime are shining star, beyblad, idolish7  and many more.

SecretOtaku Aug 7, 2020

Regarding your top 5 females, I am familiar with all of them apart from Izumi Reina.  I also love the characters you listed!  Akiko is both badass and beautiful!  Gou is such a grest girl as well!  Violet's story and character is geniunly very inspirational, to learn to love when your earlier life is filled with such bloodshed and violence, Violet Evergarden as an anime in general was heartwarming and moving. 

You draw as well?  I also have a passion for drawing, but I do have so many things I need to improve on, like antomy of the human body and proportians.  By the way, I mainly draw humans (faces, bodies, etc.), I can draw the 'realistic' style for a face but enjoy drawing anime/animated art more since it is easier, fun and quicker.  How about yourself?  What would you mainly draw (people, nature, etc.). 

Drama and Action are some of my favourite genres as well, to be honest, although I love drama, I am sensitive when it comes to angst depending on how much I care for the character.  anyway, my preferences jump around alot but I would say seinen, BL, romance, action, horror/gore, comedy would currently be my favourite genres.  What would be your least favourite genre as well?

Also, the visuals for Violet Evergarden are absoulutely stunning!  Apart from that, what are some anime that you consider to also be great in the specific aspect, solely judging on the animation?

Euphyy Aug 3, 2020

You are welcome!
I noticed in your profile that we have common favorite male characters.
May I ask some anime recommendations from you? :D

Draiga Jul 31, 2020

Likewise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Glad to meet ya ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

Have a nice day...

SecretOtaku Jul 30, 2020

heh.. I wrote so much but then reloaded the page now I have to write it again :") so I apologise if the writing seems lazy or rushed lol

My Favourite BNHA characters include ( no order, except for bakugo being number 1)

1 ~ Bakugou

2 ~ Uraraka

3 ~ Neito

4 ~ Kendo

5 ~ Mirio

least favourite (in order)

1 ~ Mineta

2 ~ Toga

3 ~ Endevour

4 ~ Iguchi

OTP: ~KiriBaku~

Some other ships: Deku x Uraraka, Denki x Jiro, Momo x Jiro, Momo x Todoroki, 

Oh!  I love all the characters who are in your top 5 as well!  Kou and Makato are a sweetheArt <3

Top Favourite in all Anime

1 ~ Chuuya Nakahara

2 ~ Oikawa Tooru

3 ~ Jean Kirschtein

4 ~ Reigen

5 ~ Xavier Foster

I noticed my and your top favourites are all male, which is fine

but out of curiousity I decided to do top female characters as well:

1 ~ Historia Reiss

2 ~ Kaede Kayano

3 ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

4 ~ Naruko Anjou

5 ~ Emma

How about your top female characters?

~ ~ ~ 

The scenes you mentioned were certainly epic but my favourites would have to be:

Reiner and Bertholdt revealed to be titans

Eren uses coordinator's power for the first time to kill the titan that killed Hans and his mother

Marco's real death reveal, that made me bawl my eyes out ngl

Oh~ by the way, I told you before my favourite manga was ouroboros, right?   Well, now it has changed to Alice in Borderland//Imawa no kuni no Alice!  It is a survival game but on a huge scale (city), lots of emotions and introduces us to characters with very different ideals and their thoughts on what the point of life is.


no need to apologise for long comments as I don't mind it at all!  Also, do you have any hobbies outside of anime and manga?  Like do you watch any western shows or read any books?  If so, what are some of your favourites?  Finally, what is your favourite genre(s) when it comes to anime/manga? (E.G, romance, comedy, action, harems)