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markofcold Mar 21, 2017

 Hello Stranger (/・0・)

Sora9427 Mar 4, 2017

Yeah it's been quite a lot :)

Still as always normal, nothing particular, you, what's up? :D 

chad28 Jan 8, 2017

Hi, I’ll start by apologizing for posting this here. Unfortunately I didn’t make an account on the previous forums and currently it’s not possible to make one, so for it’s not possible for me me to submit through there. So I’ll post in very manga mod profile in the hopes one of you have the time to update these manga. I tried to give as many links and information as I could in every entry:

Serialization Updates:

"Soul Catcher(S) ( Serialized In (magazine): Jump Next! (Shueisha); Shounen Jump + (Shueisha) Weekly Shounen Jump (Shueisha)"

Kinnikuman ( Serialized In (magazine): Playboy (Shueisha);Weekly Shounen Jump (Shueisha)”

 “Boku no Hero Academia Smash!! ( Serialized In (magazine): Shounen Jump +; Weekly Shounen Jump”

Status update:

"Mononofu ( Status in Country of Origin 5 Volumes (Complete)"

Manga not in the dabase:

Buddy Strike Manga first 3 chapters were translated by Viz, the manga ended in 2016:

"Buddy Strike - Status in Country of Origin 1 Volume (Complete)" :

Ole Golazo Manga first 3 chapters were translated by Viz:

Sianeka Dec 29, 2016

AngelBeatsYui  says... Wishing you happy holidays as well Sia, sorry I'm a bit late on wishing everyone a good xmas but here I am anyway.   Hmm, the problem is with me coming back to welcoming is the chance of me having time, especially over the next few months I'm going to be extremely busy and I've just welcomed people when I have time which is hardly ever really. But I mean I can give it a try again XD

No, truly no pressure!  I want you to come back to doing welcomes, of course I do, but come back when things aren't so hectic, and you aren't so busy.  That way you can enjoy doing them and have fun! Just get back to me when that happens.

Hope your holidays have been happy (mine have!) and that 2017 turns out to be a good year for you!