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Sianeka Apr 14, 2017

AngelBeatsYui says...  Thanks Sia xx  It's nearly over now here anyway, but it has been a good day :)

Sorry I was so late getting out the message but it was a crazy busy day for me yesterday.  Remember when you were doing welcomes, there were 300-400 new members per day?  Yesterday broke records with 978 new members!!!  Insane, right???

Anyway, I'm glad it was a good day, and I really do hope you had at least one special moment for yourself!  Have another great day today/tomorrow, ok? *smile* (The time difference between us is killer! LOL)

Sianeka Apr 13, 2017

Happy Birthday!  My notes say today's your special day - be sure to do something special for yourself today!  Have a wonderful day. *smile*

Sora9427 Mar 31, 2017

Ehi, hi, how are you doing? Hope everything is fine, hre for me everything is ok :)

Sorry for the huuge late in the reply i honetsly only noticed it 4-5 days ago on my Profile and this week for that days i was lazy to write down something XD

I see you're watching a lot of great anime form the Season that is finishing :D 

markofcold Mar 22, 2017

I tried my best although I'm pretty sure im a failure. Correct them sensei (*-*)

1)    flower pot miku

2)    picture frame miku 

3)    heart and scissors – sure you showed me that one at some point. Cant remember.

4)    catching miku

5)    swirly miku

6)    green paint miku

7)    bunny miku

8)    dotty dress miku – Romeo and Cinderella

9)    smexy miku

10) flower girlA

11) Flower girlB - glow

12) sleepy miku – last night, goodnight

13) suitcase miku

14) moon miku – star sory

15) study miku

16) green dress miku

17) pink paint miku

18) rainbow leek punishment miku – miku miku ageru

19) Cog miku - 1925

20) upside-down miku

21) star miku

22) biohazard miku

23) classic miku

24) funeral miku – rolling girl

25) sunny miku -

26) rainy miku – worlds end umbrella

27) Candy dream miku wonderland

28) neet miku - catfood

29) doll miku – pity party

30) broken heart miku - Karakuri Pierrot

31) flying miku – disappearance of hatsune miku

32) speaker miku -love is war

33) underwater miku - Shinkai Shoujo

34) apple miku – alice or somethimg

35) princess miku - world is mine

36) goth miku -Ni Soku Hou Kou

37) cartwheel miku

38) the 39th miku –SanKyuu

markofcold Mar 21, 2017

All 39 miku? That mean... But okay, most I have no clue anyway. If only miku day was 01 instead of 39 if you get what i mean XD

I shall start tommorow :p