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Bononn Jul 17, 2017

Hello there..I am not sure if i do the right thing here but..
As fas as i understood the "contact"infos i should try telling one of the MODS here..
So sorry if i bother the wrong person^^..
Actually,the thing is that i found out, there is a wrong title for a Manga..
Its this one:
I didnt find this manga in english online,so i havent read it..BUT i found Santa Claus Panic! (which is there stated as alternate title! but santa manga seem to be a compltely different one. A one Shot, by the same mangaka..I dont really know if this was also published in one fo the Volumes to this Sensei manga,but it has nothing to do with this story stated here on the site..) Looking through the internet tells me those are two mangas that dont have anything to do which eachother..

So its kinda bothering me ^^

XxZeroeZxX Jun 19, 2017

I'm glad :)

We don't hav to speak every day, doesn't mean I don't care about u *pet* ^_^

I've been fine, works been pretty smooth as we've been transitioning into Summer, in fact I don't hav much to do lol

And I'm actually leaving for vacation in a few days, nothing fancy just a week in Florida

What about u dear, any British Summer plans?

XxZeroeZxX Jun 19, 2017

Hey Yui-chan, long time no see :)

How've u been dear *hug* ^_^

OddJobProdigy Apr 27, 2017

Hey Yui long time no talk to, what's up :D

Sianeka Apr 14, 2017

AngelBeatsYui says...  Thanks Sia xx  It's nearly over now here anyway, but it has been a good day :)

Sorry I was so late getting out the message but it was a crazy busy day for me yesterday.  Remember when you were doing welcomes, there were 300-400 new members per day?  Yesterday broke records with 978 new members!!!  Insane, right???

Anyway, I'm glad it was a good day, and I really do hope you had at least one special moment for yourself!  Have another great day today/tomorrow, ok? *smile* (The time difference between us is killer! LOL)