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Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

Makes sense! I have barely begun my list, but I plan to work on it more soon. I'm only putting my absolute favorites on it. It's good to hear that you'll check them out! 

You're right about Tsurezure Children. I think I might watch a second season if there was one. What sucks is how much I loved Kana in the beginning and then she did horrid things and I felt so deceived by it! 

Angel Beats isn't as good as others claim it is, but that is the case with most anime. I understand the reasons Yui acted how she did; I just couldn't help but resent how poorly executed she was and the selfish things she did. Then Hinata comes along and practically volunteers to marry her. 

Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

Obviously I'd know more about Jap Vocaloids than others, and Eng second, but I love Vocaloid China too! I recommend the China Girl Project, which is a collection of 5 songs by Tianyi that all tell stories that are connected to each other in some way. China Ink, Candle, Pottery, Yuanmu, and Shuojin Girl are the songs. 

I resented Yui because of how poorly written her relationship with Hinata is, and when she begged Otonashi to marry her, it angered me a lot. As stupid as her deeds were, I can't hate her. I understand her point of view, and she's a really good person! Besides, I haven't seen it in years, I may have misanalyzed or forgot something. 

I considered Tsurezure Children to be an okay show. The end made me angry. Chiaki and Kana are my favorites too! I resent Kana but I LOVE Chiaki and I totally ship them! Jun, Satsuki, and Ryouko are also pretty likable characters imo. 

I see you like Rima Touya. I do too! What are your reasons?

Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

My favorite characters can be found on my profile, but my favorite Vocaloids are: Len, Gumi, and Tianyi! 

Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

I'll call you Yui, if it makes you feel any better! XD I never really liked Yui, but I don't hate her. She's better than Kanade for sure...imo... -_- I'm a huge Iwasawa fan though! And I like Naoi and Yuri a good bit too. 

Yeah, I always try to reply fast :) I feel like it's common courtesy 

You sure have seen a lot of anime. I noticed you recently finished Tsurezure Children, and so did I! What was your opinion on it? Who were your favorite characters and couple?

Fukase is pretty cool. I love the mainstream Vocaloids like Miku too! 

Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

Hi! Thank you for the welcome! I'm a Vocaloid fanatic, actually, so I'm a fan of Yuzuki and tons of others. I see you're a fellow fan of Angel Beats! also. I'm guessing your favorite character is Yui?