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Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

Obviously I'd know more about Jap Vocaloids than others, and Eng second, but I love Vocaloid China too! I recommend the China Girl Project, which is a collection of 5 songs by Tianyi that all tell stories that are connected to each other in some way. China Ink, Candle, Pottery, Yuanmu, and Shuojin Girl are the songs. 

I resented Yui because of how poorly written her relationship with Hinata is, and when she begged Otonashi to marry her, it angered me a lot. As stupid as her deeds were, I can't hate her. I understand her point of view, and she's a really good person! Besides, I haven't seen it in years, I may have misanalyzed or forgot something. 

I considered Tsurezure Children to be an okay show. The end made me angry. Chiaki and Kana are my favorites too! I resent Kana but I LOVE Chiaki and I totally ship them! Jun, Satsuki, and Ryouko are also pretty likable characters imo. 

I see you like Rima Touya. I do too! What are your reasons?

Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

My favorite characters can be found on my profile, but my favorite Vocaloids are: Len, Gumi, and Tianyi! 

Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

I'll call you Yui, if it makes you feel any better! XD I never really liked Yui, but I don't hate her. She's better than Kanade for sure...imo... -_- I'm a huge Iwasawa fan though! And I like Naoi and Yuri a good bit too. 

Yeah, I always try to reply fast :) I feel like it's common courtesy 

You sure have seen a lot of anime. I noticed you recently finished Tsurezure Children, and so did I! What was your opinion on it? Who were your favorite characters and couple?

Fukase is pretty cool. I love the mainstream Vocaloids like Miku too! 

Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

Hi! Thank you for the welcome! I'm a Vocaloid fanatic, actually, so I'm a fan of Yuzuki and tons of others. I see you're a fellow fan of Angel Beats! also. I'm guessing your favorite character is Yui? 

baralover18 Aug 3, 2017

Um, I don't know if you're the person I ask this but... Can I read manga on this website? I know that probably sounds stupid, I just signed up because I saw some amazing manga and now am confused on how access some of those manga.