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Sora9427 Jan 20, 2018

Ehi, it's been a lot since our last talking, happy 2018 (Kinda late :p), hope you're doing well :D 

Eiraza Jan 1, 2018

Happy New Year my love <3

Perpetual Oct 9, 2017

I agree about Chiaki and his mother, but the conclusion has to be a FULL conclusion or you can barely call it "good"

More of the couples should have been concluded, and Kana should have been more understandable as a character considering how bratty she was towards the end. Other than that, I have no complaints about the ending :)

Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

I can see why you like her. Yeah, the lack of resolution for most of the couples was one of the reasons I hated the ending. That and the two pairings that WERE concluded still left a bunch of plotholes. I can't understand Kana's actions completely, I get why she got upset but she PUNCHED him and then dumped in and acted rude to him afterwards despite still loving him. Seriously. 

Chiaki was great though. He was sweet, funny, and loyal to her despite her actions. 

Perpetual Oct 7, 2017

Makes sense! I have barely begun my list, but I plan to work on it more soon. I'm only putting my absolute favorites on it. It's good to hear that you'll check them out! 

You're right about Tsurezure Children. I think I might watch a second season if there was one. What sucks is how much I loved Kana in the beginning and then she did horrid things and I felt so deceived by it! 

Angel Beats isn't as good as others claim it is, but that is the case with most anime. I understand the reasons Yui acted how she did; I just couldn't help but resent how poorly executed she was and the selfish things she did. Then Hinata comes along and practically volunteers to marry her.