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I hate writting stuff in English.


Because I suck at it, No, really.

Well, anyway, I like most styles of anime but my sort of favorite is Mecha. Well, you can tell only seeing my favorites animes. I also like Visual Novels, Like The Devil on the G String, Ayakashibito, Chaos;Head, Clannad, Ever17, etc....and, that's about it, School and those stuff don't leave me a lot of time for anime, but sometimes, when school is just too stressing, I watch some episodes of anime and it, I don't know why, calms me.

Also, I am from Chile.

Anime related Stuff (because they have to be somewhere)

Top Ten Anime List:

Well, apart from those 5 shows in my signature, the rest would be:

6. Zegapain (Dunno why I picked up this title, but it didn't dessapoint. At all. It was my favorite anime until some time, but then all these 5 came and it went to this place, but still awesome, and shocking)

7. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (This anime made a lot of things in me, It also made me learn a lot of stuff about the anime industry..and, even if it sound stupid..made me learn more and more English. Also, Haruhi is my all-time favorite anime character)

8. Gundam F91 (Apart from it's awesome Ending song, This is a relly refreshing title in the Gundam scene. It was the realistic part of war, when somebody who isn't involved in it, and doesn't even want to get involved, does it just for his family and her love)

9. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Damn dificult series to complete, but good anyway. More than was, I don't know, It gave me a lot of inspiration in what the hell I am doing with my life, and that's something you don't get easily lol. I loved how the characters made the show, nor the scenes, or the battles.)

10. Macross F (Yeah, even when I don't really like putting stuff that still are airing in my favorite list, after episode 10, It really became one of my all time favorites. Also the soundtrack did a lot of the work about that)

What else can I say, apart that I am a sucker for every Yoko Kanno, Tennmon, Yuki Kajiura, Kenji Kawai stuff in anime) And also a sucker for every Macross, Gundam, Getter Robo, and mecha in general related stuff, even when 6 months ago I hated with al my will Gundam SEED, and I just watched it to piss off one of my friends lol. People don't change, says House. Well, he is damn right, I still hate Gundam SEED Destiny, but I saw a lot of good stuff while in the Mecha genre.

And I think's that all.

Oh yeah, also: Anime that I can't wait to be released:

Kurogane no Linebarrel

Bonen No Xamdou

Eureka Seven The Movie

And also...


awesome series of novels it's truly awesome.

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xXYoruichiXx Jun 4, 2008

I love your siganture. It's very pretty. :)

Welcome to Anime-Planet. Hope you enjoy yourself here.