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AnnaSartin Dec 23, 2023

Never said all the Smol Beans were innocent, just that they were cute. XD

stardust2222 Aug 26, 2021

Hi I'm mason and i have autism 

Rookblonkorules Apr 1, 2021

I'm hardcore on my girl Murano's team. I never understood why she was so hated- it seems a lot of the people who hate her are trying to attribute negative traits to her that weren't actually there and we never saw.

I feel you on that. I'm glad I wasn't the only person who was glad Kana died. I literally cheered- like I had just made the decision that unless she changed her behavior I wasn't going to be watching it anymore, because I hated her so much. 

Rookblonkorules Mar 31, 2021

I agree with you on Murano. Yeah, she doesn't have much going on but she wasn't a character who was meant to (I still say she's better and a bit more interesting in the manga) but she's definitely over hated. She didn't do anything wrong (as opposed to Kana) Since we literally only get Shinichi's perspective on things, I think that it's easy to forget that she literally had no way of knowing what was happening in his life. He was just becoming an entirely different person and he wasn't telling her anything at all. There's only so much a normal person can do when the other won't tell them a thing.

Halex Mar 3, 2021

Hi, yeah, I think it's fun to see the events from the perspective of different characters. You may also like how Tower of Druaga did it with the first episode from the perspective of the main protagonist and then the special from the perspective of the team. I wonder if Dungeon got the idea from that? I also did a guide in Chronological Order when it's your time to rewatch. Enjoy!