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Oct 17, 2020

People get bait and switched one time and act like an anime is a god tier masterpiece. It's so bland and uninteresting most of the time, the only thing saving it was the comedy.

Story: The first episode switch-a-roo was fantastic. Got my hopes up for a good series. And it fell apart. This anime is LITERALLY high school girls doing moe bullshit with an occasional zombie. I swear to god if you take every scene with a zombie out of this anime, save the last 2 episodes and the 45 seconds of Megu you'd still have a feasible story. Like I mean it's just horrendous. The midseries "how we got to this point" was misplaced and the ending was complete trash. So much they could've did yet the ending just felt like flat and utter bullshit. I was baited into thinking I'd get a zombie story with cute elements, when instead I got a moe fuckfest+zombie

Animation: first thing you notice is wow this is extremely cutesie. I assumed these girls were middle school aged. Turns out all of them except Kohai is a Highschool senior. So they definitely pushed the envelope on the cute. The animation is good but the zombies faces being all blurred and shit and the lack of actual physical violence doesn't help its case as a horror/zombie anime. Changing anime intros were cool tho. I love me a good subtlety.

Sound: the intro is immediately striking because it sounds like an intro to a Daga Kobo school life anime. It's really cute and is exactly what baits you in. The voice acting was appropriate. The sounds effects were just as appropriate, as they were a substitute for actual violence.

Characters: the only ones that interested me were the dog and the blond/light brown hair one. The blond one because she wasn't what I thought she was. She gives off anime lesbian vines but is actually just thoroughly confused about Yuki. The dog is fun interesting and really cute, unlike every other human in the entire anime. I mean they're so flat and plain. all of their "how we got here's" were plain and extremely vague. Megu was vaguely interesting but she isn't even fucking alive (not even a spoiler, any human can tell she's a product of yuki's delusions of grandeur).

calling this a bait and switch is incorrect. They baited u with cute, reeled you in with a lil bit of scary, then let you loose after feeding you a bunch of moe bullshit. It's like a kids show. Waste of time.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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