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Oct 16, 2020

A very interesting take on a frequently used plot. At times heartwarming and at others heartrending.

Story: Im on the ropes. I was thinking 6 due to the confusion and the plot holes in the time jumps, but was also at an 8 becasue of how the story progresses and how enjoyable it could be at times in the beginning especially. So i settled in at a 7. Like i siad before equally heartrending and heartwarming, and the unique take of him bouncing in and out of the timeline. However, the same thing that makes it interesting makes it extremely confusing, especially at the end of the anime. (speaking of the end if the anime it felt rushed as some characters simply arent elaborated on enough). Now im your average Joe, and i have no fucking idea in the slightest how time travel works. But i think it goes like this

29 year old him jumps back in time to his 5th grade self AKA his natural timeline the first time well call it A

He hops out back into 29 year old timeline A but then rejumps and somehow jumps into a different timeline he created, timeline B.

HE jumps once again for the last time into a new timeline C where somehoe all these timelines "came together" despite the fact the point from which he jumped into B from now seizes to exist. Yea.

Animation: its decent. Ive never had a crazy preference for A1 pictures animation but its pretty nice with some smooth action and movement. Most scenes im his childhood were either at night or snowy so you couldnt see much background range.

Sound:  Good intro by Asain KungFu Generation, and it brought me back to my 10-11 year old days watching Naruto at 3am. The outro is pretty good also. Background music isnt anything too spectacualar. Voice acting was pretty good especially with my preference for Noya's voice.

Characters: now the 2 biggest problems are: 1, we all know who the murderer is from the time he travels back. I mean its glaringly obvious. 2: the two other dead girls that he tries to save arent very fleshed out and neither are how they are murdered. Neither is Airi the highschool girl whos his apparent love interest. she dissapears for far too long for my taste

However, Noya and Satoru as kids go very well together and watching her open up caused me great joy. the characters around him like the girly one and the fat one were just regular kids having fun while Satoru was having possessed by a 29 year old man. Kenya was the smartest of the bunch and provided some much needed help.

All in all, a solid watch. Couldve been better with a few more episodes but it was a thrill ride even if u can figure who it is by episode 3.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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