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Yea this anime is the epitome of dissapointing. It never truly garnered my interest and never engaged me. It's an influence on the genre for all the wrong reasons and one of the reasons why mecha is the genre I avoid.

Synopsis: some kid comes back to chill with his estranged father only to be forced out into piloting a large robot like thing called an EVA, which he uses along with two other chicks to fight these large things called angels.

Story: At some points this anime feels like a monster of the week anime more then a serious mecha anime about depression and abandonment. This anime takes way too long to establish story and it ends up with worthless episodes that have jackshit to do with the story. In fact the story doesn't necessarily advance until maybe ep 15. You also can't discuss this anime without speaking on the ending. The ending was by far the worst ending I have seen in my life. Worse than Deadman Wonderland. Worse than Big Order. It's inexplicably bad. Off the wall bad. The ending episodes leading up to are it rushed and not thorough enough and the actual ending is shit. The characters don't help the anime one bit either.

Animation: I can't necessarily gauge the animation since I haven't watched any anime from the 90's previously. The mecha did look cool and vibrant albeit slightly slow and the action was pretty solid. The opening intro animation was very good. There were so many frames with no sound or animation just a flat picture for 15- 45 seconds at a time.

Sound: intro goes in, and I mean it slides. outro hella lofi and chill the song being a cover of fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra.

Characters: while they originally seemed like they'd be well rounded they became basic and underdeveloped. The backstories went even shown until the very late episodes so u have no context for their behavior especially Asuka. The only remotely interesting character was Misato. Shinji was a spineless self deprecating/absorbed baby, Asuka was an over confident and also self absorbed bitch. Rei was barley even an character she has some moments of actual emotion but she ends up almost literally  as a plot device. Everyone else was solid as characters but the main 3 were so flat. Side characters have more depth than them

Simply not a good anime. The ending was complete shit, the characters especially the main 3 were underdeveloped as hell, and the story doesn't move

3/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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