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Hello my pre determined denominimation is Amir, and im a yousei teikoku fan, very depressed teenager, serial anime cryer and worst of all, New York Giants fan.

First anime i ever watched were Digimon and Pokemon. It then progessed to Naruto and Bleach. In 7th grade my dumbass decided to watch Elfen Lied. I rewatched it in 9th grade, in the midst of a major suicidal depression, refell in love with it found this site and here we are. 

Favorite genres: Horror, Ecchi, School Life, Romantic Comedy, Drama, Romance, anything funny or will make me cry. I'm open to suggestions unless their shounen cause I've developed a disdain for shounen shit.


Header: Senketsu no Chikai by Yousei Teikoku, my fave band and the hot chick is Yui Itsuki, also the lead singer of Denkare.

Profile pic: Lucy from Elfen Lied. My favorite anime female of all time. Just fucking adore her 


Top 10 Rock Bands

10 Kittie  Favorite Song: Into The Darkness  Favorite Album: Spit

9 Bring Me The Horizon  Favorite Song: Diamonds Aren't Forever Favorite Album: Count Your Blessings  

8 Emmure  Favorite Song: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong  Favorite Album: Speaker of the Dead

7 BabyMetal   Favorite Song: line!    Favorite Album: Metal Resistance

6 Bullet for my Valentine  Favorite Song: 4 Words(To Choke Upon)  Favorite Album: Hand of Blood EP

5 Trivium  Favorite Song: Throes of Perdition  Favorite Album: Ascendancy

4 System of a Down  Favorite Song: Radio/Video  Favorite Album: Hypnotize

3 Nirvana   Favorite Song: Breed   Favorite Album: Nevermind

2 Slipknot   Favorite Song: Scissors   Favorite Album: Slipknot

1 Yousei Teikoku   Favorite Song: Irodori no nai Sekai/ Kokou No Sousei  Favorite album: metanoia

Honorable Mentions

Sunny Day Real Estate   Favorite Song: 48 Favorite Album: Diary

Audioslave  Favorite Song: I Am the Highway  Favorite Album: Audioslave

Flyleaf:  Favorite Song: I'm So Sick  Favorite Album: Flyleaf

Queens of the Stone Age: Favorite Song: The Lost Art or Keeping A Secret Favorite Album: Songs For The Deaf

Anime Milestones(no one off OVA or specials)

1st Anime: Elfen Lied

10th anime: HighSchool DxD

20th anime: Brynhildyr in the Darkness

30th anime: Seitokai Yakuindomo*

40th anime: Interspecies Reviewers

50th anime: comin soon

Manga Milestones(no one offs)

1st manga: Elfen Lied

10th Manga: Shadow Star Narutaru


how my anime ratings/review scores work

5 stars or 10: masterpiece that's probably worshipped somewhere

4.5 stars or 9: memorable and i very much enjoyed

4 stars or 8: Great watch

3.5 stars or 7: had its perks

3 stars or 6: whoever made this had a perc still "watchable"

2.5 stars or 5: not a good watch

2 stars or 4: forgettable and unfulfilling watch and my default score for bad anime

1.5 stars or 3: trash as fuck

1 star or 2: complete horseshit

0.5 stars or 1: cant comprehend how fucking shitty this anime is

0: usually im revising something



Recently watching/reading

anime: pet girl of sakurasou/golden time

manga: Akame ga Kill among others

recently finished

manga: Narutaru (June 27th, 2020, 8:13 pm)

anime: Gabriel Dropout: (July 3, 2020, 8:15 am) 


Next rewatches: Higurashi no naku koro ni/Mirai Nikki/Toradora


Im on the site pretty much daily so leave a comment. If you want to.

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Mentallysighing Jul 15, 2020

Haha sounds nice I think I’ll check it out. 

Oof it seems like that’s such a common thing that happens with animes and mangas. I’m not reading Demon Slayer but I’ve heard it’s a bit better than the anime. Goblin Slayer is quite explicit in the beginning with goblin raping human females but that becomes less frequently and the mc only cares for killing goblins and plus it has some humor with the other characters I’m liking it tho

Mentallysighing Jul 14, 2020

What’s Pet Girl of Sakurasou about? I’m watching Seitokai Yakuindomo, Fullmetal Alchemist, 7 Seeds, and a few airing ones

Akame ga Kill is practically everywhere I look, how are liking the manga? I’m reading Children, Dark Mortal, Solo Leveling, Goblin Slayer

Mentallysighing Jul 14, 2020

Yea true I’m starting to get it even not knowing what is being said it still sounds really good. What are watching/reading?

Mentallysighing Jul 10, 2020

I think it’s just dvd specials. Yea I was trashing fortnite and tik tok music but one was around 300 and the other one was around 700 now I have something to do for a good while tho 

Oceanwithwaves Jul 10, 2020

''Serial anime cryer''

You and me both, you and me both