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🌍Hello World🌏

My name is Raikiri.

My personality type is ENFJ-A (Protagonist).





This profile and I do not claim any right over any of the GIFs, images, songs, quotes, videos and other any other content used in this profile. All rights reserved to the respective copyright ownersBut, All the lists, ratings, recommendations and opinions do belong to me. Some of the content in this profile may contain spoilers. I hope you like the random quotes in this bio. I first started watching anime probably around 2012, and I'm still watching whenever I get free time. I haven't watched many anime that I wanted to... but I'll watch eventually and if you follow, I always follow back. I generally prefer and recommend japanese version with english subtitles. However, there are few exceptions where I like english dubbed versions more. So, all my rankings and ratings are based on Japanese versions with eng subtitles. Most of the anime franchises I have watched are shounen, seinen, sci-fi, comedy, psychological, philosophical, ecchi, slice of life. If you want more information, check out the forum.I have given like to only 2 characters maximum per anime franchise and hate to only 1 anime character per franchise. I don't give anime ratings by comparing it with other anime. I give ratings based on whether it's worth spending time, and also based on it's potential for providing knowledge and experience. So, please try to receive my opinions with an open mind.


I usually live on asteroid B-612 and my address is 221B Baker Street.



"Hero? No! We're pirates! I love heroes but I don't wanna be one!

Do you know what heroes are? Say there is a chunk of meat. Pirates will have a banquet and eat it but heroes will share it with other people.

I want all the meat!"

"Where most people stop, only few take one more step further...

and that... makes all the difference...."

"And if I can't become the best at anything, I'll atleast try to be good at everything..."

Likes: Happiness, Freedom, Curiosity, Rational thinking, Open mindedness, Tenacity, Interaction, Hardwork, Passion, Respect, Capabilities, Nature, Food, Sleep, Science, Technology, Communication, Music, Art, Anime, Games, Movies, Trust, Fun, Laughing, Tsundere, Friendship and many other things.

Dislikes: Prejudice, Mob mentality, Arrogance, Ostentatious virtuousness, Hypocrisy, Betrayal, Low self-esteem, Suicidal ideation, Apathetic, Stoic, Melodramatic, Yandere, Injustice, Insecurity, Genocide and many other things.

Dream: To create a universe.

"But I'm still waiting for Truck-kun..."😂


"When do you think people die?

When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No.

When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No.

When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom!? No

It’s when… they are forgotten."

"No one stays at the top forever" 

 "The word 'strong' has many different meanings... You have to find the meaning that suits you by yourself. I'll be the sword... that fills up the hole in your heart..."

"In a war...No one wins..."

"A true warrior doesn't need a sword..."

"Virtuousness and hypocrisy often walk hand-in-hand. Nothing is as dangerous as an ignorant friend; a wise enemy is to be preferred. I don't like to expend more energy than I have to. In this world, winning is everything. As long as I win in the end…That’s all that matters.”

"The only thing humans are equal death"

"One is all... All is one..."

"Time can heal many wounds in this world... Though it won’t heal everything..."

"Never underestimate the potential of a human being"

"I've chosen her. I've chosen this world. I've chosen this world to live with her. The weather can just stay crazy."


"Kids these days.... they think it's a competition to have the most friends. One is enough...Find someone completely unique"

"Never let her take away your name. That's how she controls you. Once you've met someone, you never really forget them... it just takes a while for your memories to return..."

"Back then, if we could have heard each other's voices... Everything would have been so much better..."

"If we were alone, we wouldn't know we exist... it's because of relationships i have with people... that I am living. I made my choice in life to meet you and... I want to eat your pancreas."

"Not everything is meant to be... but everything is worth a try"

"How much can you actually see with those eyes of yours? People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define reality. But what does it mean to be correct or true? Merely vague concepts... Their reality may all be an illusion. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs? So, tell me... Where should I go? To the left, where nothing is right? or To the right, where nothing is left?"

"Time is an illusion...El Psy Kongroo..."

"If I lose, Kira is evil...and if I win, Kira is justice. Do you have the resolution that makes sure of the end of this story?"

"An eye for an eye my friend. You are not evil, but you have chosen the wrong path. I'll try to bring you back to the light. Kira is childish and doesn't like to loose. I know that because I'm also childish and I don't like to loose."

"It's not who you are underneath that's what you do that defines you..."






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“When people are protecting something truly special to them, they truly can strong as they can be.”

"With great power comes great responsibility..."

"I've got my own responsibilities... So, I won't fail...I'll never go back on my word and I'll never give up... That's my ninja way..."

"This world is a beautiful puzzle and all the humans are figuring out the way it works and how to live with it. We have made insignificant yet remarkable progress. If you're serious, anything can be accomplished by diligent application of science. Science is just a name for the steady, pain-in-the-ass effort that goes behind it. This isn't a fight between power and science. Science is power. This is 10 billion percent exhilarating..."

Observe, Think, Hypothesize, Experiment, Conclude and communicate.

Find the rules of this world and win the game.

"Let there be light..."


I'm pretty sure that after reading all this stuff I'm blabbing about... you will probably be trying to say:

So, that's all for now... probably...😂


Congratulations, You have almost reached the end of this bio... But, did you actually read all that random stuff? If yes, then thank you...

If no, then.....Any last words?...

Just kidding 😂... Have fun. - anime | manga | watch anime online

😊"Live life and have a nice day..."😊


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