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Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors were two anime that I adored as a child. But it wouldn't be until years later that my love would be ingnited when my older brother would ask me to check a few out. I never looked back. At times life can get in the way, but I always try to make that time to look up any anime that might appeal to me.

Really loving my romances right now. What can I say, I'm a mush ;)

I look forward to discussing with you!

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Sheex May 10, 2014

Hey Aly, thanks for the kind words! I still check the comments I get, but I haven't been around to write reviews or do much with the site in the last 3 years or so. Or really watch anime, for that matter; the whole genre seems to have gone down hill and stagnated, as I haven't seen anything that's interested me in a long while. I watched Steins;Gate a little over a year ago and Fate/Zero the year before that, but that's really about it. Too busy working on this PhD.

Hope all is well. Take care!

- Sheex

Shadowfoot Oct 25, 2012

I started watching K but didn't like it. The only new anime I am watching is Suki-tte Ii na yo. Highly recommended :)

Shadowfoot Sep 30, 2012

All of those are great animes! Gosick's ending left me a bit unsatisfied but overall a good anime. Do yourself a favour and watch Hotarubi no Mori e. Its only 45min long but you will probably cry at the end XD

ThePatches Aug 25, 2012


Hey! You should also check out the recs on the pages of the shows you like, but I have a cheat code for romance stuff. Check out my list of Romance Homework (it's on my page). But there are a few that I've removed since I've watched:


Katanagatari, Nodame Cantabile, Toradora!, and REC (the last one is short and awesome).


Shadowfoot May 22, 2012

Hey, sorry for the late reply, didnt see it on my wall thingy. I find it quite cool, very cutesy. The real drama and romance and what imo only starts in ep6, before that its more of introducing the characters. I havent watched Boys Be yet. You can also check out Usagi Drop, very similar to Ashiteruze Baby.