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She and Her Cat

May 10, 2014

yesterday i decided to give this a go thinking it would be a breezy watch. i gave SHE AND HER CAT a go to only to find out it was just under five minutes. well, as crazy as it sounds, they were the most charming five minutes of my day.  

we watch on, as a the narrator, (the cat) tells us the story of his owner and what she means to him. he speaks of how she took him in when he was alone. how she fed and gave him love and affection.

it is clear that he is absolutely smitten with her - if not in love. he tells us of how his days pass, mainly consisting of him lounging around in wait of his owners return. he talks of mimi, a cat who may be cute, but just not his style.   he talks of how much his owner means to him and exactly what she means to him.

the way he talks of her with such tenderness is extremely beautiful and left me smiling to the very end. It leaves you with a lot of questions... but i suppose that just adds to the beauty of it all. 

it's hard to explain how such a short amount of time can suck you in so quickly and leave you deep in thought and so very touched - but somehow it did.  

it is beautiful. but all my little brother could say was

 "so what happened to mimi?"


?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall

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