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DoodlebugFour Jan 25, 2017

In Response to Nunnally:

Why people dislike her is because she's a plot device. She's there to serve as a motivator for Lelouch, but she dosen't do much in the show for audiences to care other than to look and sound diabetes inducing cute.

zaven Dec 10, 2016

U must fell under geass. U should die before u bbring more harm...

Shirogami Oct 20, 2016

If you rewatch the episode where Griffith had Guts be a assassin and kill the the duke. He says "they are my soliders and nothing more and nothing less they are here to help me reach my dream." which he means they are nothing to him in the first palce.

Loveanime2342 Aug 19, 2016

Your welcome. And thank you for the offer!^_^