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JebBuck Oct 19, 2010

Ah- well I guess I can try and be witty in my reviews, but most of your other reviews I agree with/don't want to bash >_<

WeenieWhacker Oct 19, 2010

Excellent review of Angel Beats, my thoughts exactly.

JebBuck Oct 18, 2010

To be honest, I was rather rude when writing my review of Angel Beats, as I had just read a review for my favorate show, where the reviewer had gave it a low score because "I didn't understand the ending LOL"

and another show I really liked got a low score because "I didn't finish it" which is something I can't agree with- rating something and not even making it to the end,

Your review was rather good, and the only reason I posted that was because I was in a slightly sour mood. Sorry for taking it out on you >_<

Zerocrossings Jul 5, 2010

Thanks for your comment on my review. :)

Nice dog you have there, and im from Singapore too! Cheers!

Alphy Jul 22, 2007

Was my dog, died about a year ago ;_; it's a momento of sorts =3 still miss him.

 Thanks for looking in~! Hope to contribute to the site soon :D