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If u want to see my History with Anime just see it in my Blog :D

And this is the other thing that i like:       

Hobby                   : Watch Anime, Read Manga, Hear Music, Play Game, and Swimming

Fav Lesson            : Math & Japan language

Fav Jap Band         : Abingdon Boy School, Nightmare, and Flow

Fav Jap Game        : Persona 3&4,.hack//G.U,Ar Tonelico II,Hatsune Miku PD ,Tekken 6 BR

Fav Male Seiyuu     : Hiroshi Kamiya, Tomokazu Sugita, and Daisuke Ono

Fav Female Seiyuu : Rie Kugumiya, Aya Hirano, and Kana Hanazawa

Fav Studio             : MADHouse & DEEN

Fav Male Char        :

  1. Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)
  2. Hei (DTB)
  3. Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)                         

Fav Female Char    :

  1. Clare (Claymore)
  2. Hakufu Sonsaku (Ikkitousen)
  3. Aika Sumeragi (Aika ZERO)

      Fav Lolicon Char     :

      1. Yuuki Mikan (To Love-RU)
      2. Suou Pavlichenko (DTB)
      3. Flower (Kowarekake no Orgel)

      Fav Genre             : Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Parody, Supernatural

      And for Manga, i read Manga but i don't make the list because i read too many Manga so i confuse to put on the list.

      Note:When you see this i will rarely log in to A-P, but it doesn't mean i'm quitting watching anime ^^" i'm still watching anime everyday XD 

       Why? Hahaha that's secret.

      Note: I will be active again in August or September

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      I adore these characters


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      heyalotp71 Aug 2, 2014

      Nice to meet ya (*^-^*)

      Kuzame Feb 4, 2011

      Wew.. katanya si Billy skrg udh g ad guru" yg gw kenal yg ngajar di klas 11.. dah g mo dnger deng teheheh

      Well, I jz play FF X & FF XII in ma laptop (yeah, ps2 emulator). Honestly, my only purpose to play in this emulator is to play FFX.. since FF (series) so much, n finally decided to play the dang FF XII.. beating a "guy" called Yiazmat.. the hardest shit I've ever beat. I'm sure, that's it, no other interest on playin nother game! hahahah

      SBS cup apaan tuh.. ah nvm deng

      oh rite, thx 4 the brday's wishes in fb~

      cheers :)V


      Kuzame Jan 18, 2011

      yow, hi"

      sori tlat respon biz baru buka AP.. (ru ntn anime yg ova 45mnt, 13 episodes + lg maen ff12, jadi took lot o weeks)

      so how's the week? anime? school? everything??

      Kuzame Jun 25, 2010

      そっかよ。。ところで、 べつにきらいとすき”かいきしょうせつ”。。 でもときどき、 あんとかめいわく。。とおもうよ^^

      じゃ おわりおわり~ またね!

      ああああ! わすれた! PM ME。。。どうして?? せつめいよ! (きみのノート)

      Kuzame Jun 25, 2010

      わるいわるい :D ほんとがわすれたよ。。

      ひぐらし。。 べつにきらいとすきだ、 だがすごく。。 へんよ!ええと、なんとか めいわく ですよ! >。<

      しかし。。なんとかも おもしろい だよ。。ね? xD