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YOU THERE! YES YOU! But don't worry, I will try try to make this a bit short (okay maybe I lied...). I would  like to say this is an honest review, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so some may disagree with what I will say about this anime.


There's already a sypnosis on the website, but let me just sum it up from how I watched it. Aya, who is basically a loner (not that anyone is afraid of her or COMPLETELY shy), meets a group of boys at cram school. They're in a soccer team and they each excel in a certain subject. She befriends them and together, they solve mystery cases. Period. Original? Nah. I like the pacing how it cuts off to the suspenseful parts, but I hate how the episodes are so short! Since I said it was suspenseful, that means it did intrigue me...:P


I'm so glad the drawings were NOT bad. I'm super picky when it comes to how the characters look. I did not pay attention to the backgrounds though because they aren't memorable enough. Unfortunately, the actual quality of the anime is HORRIBLE! It's not CG or pixeated to distract the drawings, but you can just see the frame by frame or how weird it looks when they walk. Ugh!


It was good. Not too loud or soft. The only music was the insert songs and the ending theme. NO INTRO SONGS :( ! The insert songs were not memorable, but I definitely love the ending theme. It has the mystery-like tone in it and then it's all happy-happy in the end. I am also very pleased with the voice-acting.


Meh. The characters only had some unique features. They were likable, but not necessarily loved. These characters are of course relatable. This is a personal opinion but... I hated Aya's character! She could of been an amazing female lead, but it just made her look like a girl who can't do anything. In the detective team, all she does is write notes which does.. um.. umm.. NOTHING! The creator could of done a whole lot more if you ask me.

Story (Plot/Originality/Pace): 6

Animation (Quality/Artwork/Character-Design): 5

Sound (Music/Voice-Acting): 8

Characters (Likeability/Relatable/Personalities): 6

Overall (Execution/Entertainment): 6.5

Rated this a 6.5/10. As much as this could of done so much more, it kept me watching and waiting for the episodes. This is probably due to how I like the family-friendly genre. I do not know why, but it's always cheery. Or maybe it's because i just want to see a reverse harem... :P. On anime planet it's ranked in the 4000's! Personally it's not as bad as I thought. Try it out, if you're not hooked, then drop it. If you choose not to watch it, that's fine because you're not really missing much...

6/10 story
5/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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