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Ali-chan <3

I grew up in a lazy city three hours away from the capital if a country with seven thousand one hundred islands. Life was rather slow paced and everything is "just the way it is".

My childhood was rather conservative, being raised by parents who considers children staying at home are likely to grow up decent and mature. As I look back at it now, Im always seeing myself sitting on the sofa with pillow on my lap and snacks nearby, clutching my hand because Eugene is about to defeat Benjo or Sakura will be able to collect the clow cards before Li could. How silly me. Those early afternoons are precious to me, thoseyears when things are simple and life has not yet taught me that there are things you just can't laugh at.

Ali-chan <3

As a child, animes were a mere form of entertainment.

As grown up, it has been a form if escape.

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Grach Sep 25, 2014

Really sorry about this late reply - it's been rather busy here as of late. 

The captcha is there no matter what. It's to keep everything "safe" and bot free, so it's enabled permanently, with nothing that can really be done to fix it. Though...there is a tip I can give to speed up replies: If you just type the slanted/distorted characters, there's no need to type in anything else.  

Grach Sep 6, 2014

You're welcome. ^^

They should be indeed, yesh - some say even more if you join the forums (not so much to me, but eh). If you have any other questions, though, do ask away! :D

Grach Sep 1, 2014

Hello and welcome to AP!

Enjoy your time here!