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UsagiDandere Apr 28, 2015

I randomly saw your comment about OCD on Nillen's profile, and I have the same problem with always having to finish what I start! Even if I know I dislike a certain anime from the first episode, I can't leave it. I only mark anime as "dropped" so I can remember to go back to it later when I feel like I can handle it (which is why I always record what episode I stopped at). It's a curse O.O I don't have OCD, but you're not alone in that habit!

Mirankor Apr 7, 2015

Oh my bad. XD Well I've updated mine a lot in the past few days...I blame you for getting me into this place though. So much to update. XD

Mirankor Apr 6, 2015

Sheesh, you are on here EVERY single day... I've just been coming on here every now and then to update my animes. Lol.

Nillen Dec 10, 2014

I love your dedication towards loving/hating characters :D 

Found your profile from seeing you hated "Jimeko" from Gugure! Kokkuri-san, had to check (since you hate such a trivial character) how many others you hate as well xD