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My Fair Footman

Jul 19, 2022

Pleasantly surprised by this. The story is your typical historical romance and not too complicated. It has a linear story and less drama. A lot of people find it to be boring or cliche but I find it comforting. 

I enjoyed the art the most, the eyes and eyebrows are what drew me to this manhwa. There was effort done here. The colours are so vivid and it was such a joy to read through it all. 

What I enjoyed in this story is that the pacing is done really well and I admire the FL with her strength, her loyalty and her love of food. There were times when she gets a bit too naive and she gets away with a lot of things - feels unrealistic when she was supposed to be a "footman" but she seems to be very well taken care of. 

The ML is commendable in his loyalty and his love for the FL. He too can be found to be naive and in such that everything just comes into place in his world. Nothing much goes awry from him other than what the plot is meant to go just so they can discover the truth. There was something lacking with him coz it just felt like he exists solely for the FL. Hence my apprehension coz I believe the ML needs to have some character growth.

I enjoyed the back story with the family, I felt more emotion from what happened with their parents and such. I think the family story held this together coz without it, this would definitely have been very dull. 

Also, the kiss happened too far in the story, and the love story felt all too prim and proper. A lot less spark. With that said, I've read too many stories in this vein so I am comparing too much. 

Overall, a good comfort read if you're looking for romance and less drama.

7/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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