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My Hero Academia

Feb 7, 2021


Okay, I used to think the plot was decent and somewhat good for a Shounen Manga but after the war arc, the longest arc so far, I started having doubts. Sure the foreshadowing was cool, the parallels too but it all just felt really rushed for an arc that's supposed to be a major plot point. Especially towards the ending of the arc oh god there's no fucking build up and it's just piling up reveals on top of one another! It was just too much really that I started to question what could possibly happen next because most of my questions was answered in the most boring way possible.

Time for the characters. They're all really lovable. Their personality and everything. One thing that bothers me is how inconsistent they sometimes act that kinda made me realize some fanfics make their personality more consistent than how the actual manga did. (Especially Todoroki after the war arc. My god that internal dialogue was so cringe and OOC)

The art was amazing and fairly good in my opinion. I love the artstyle and character designs. The fight scenes are really well drawn as well.

4/10 story
9/10 art
6/10 characters
5/10 overall

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