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★Hii welcome to my Profile.GIF  ^-^

I used to update this a lot, i used to.

This whole place might deserve some updates, but i ain't gonna do it ;D

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I have a lot of music video, shorts, OVA, specials, etc. that i rate these mostly 3★.


Warning, that ''description' is old, parts got removed, some others got patched. (I indeed need to re-do that whole thing... or not)

Might be a good time to describe myself.. I'm not the big text kind of guy. (End up i made one anyway) (and need to make one again since i deleted most of this one. )^^ ''A picture is worth a thousand words'' (How much for a GIF? ^^) 

Here's gifs take what you want from that.


 Got it?                           Perfect!                Now, shall we! 


Okay so there was a big text there, but as it's been there for good while (oof) it wasn't really up to date let's say.

As of today i'll need to start writing a new one, but i highly doubt that i'll find that kind of motivation anytime soon.

So here i am writing a bunch of meaning less stuff that apparently someone is reading right now. (that's you right there)

So!, as you've survived through at least 3 lines of what seems to be taking forever to get a meaning. I'll now need to actually get something interesting or rather meaningful to write here.

Hum? I work with elevators, pretty much whatever with them. I read manga, mostly yuri.. hue hue..

I buy almost everything i read so i'm getting more and more of them. *.*

As for anime i need to go grab a sentence of my old bio, 

''As The Anime Man once said: ''... for other people in the otaku community that are ok with watching whatever the fuck that comes out'' ^^''

Well that. Rather easy isn't it? To add a little vague bit of precision (if that makes sense), i like cute stuff and i look for a good art style more than a good story.

A little more about me: (This one is easy) (Yes i'm tired of the text already) 




Yuri is one of the best thing ever created ><



IA is a greatVocaloid! ^-^




Here's a streaming live of me watching anime.

As suggested by someone.. I didn't forget who.. Maybe i did... I totally did.


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*Almost all the pictures are linked to the anime they're from! (Oh really?)

Fell free to drop a comment if you want to know that weird guy! (That's me!) ^^ I don't bite don't worry ;P

Well not often..~ ♥  Nobody ever disliked it anyway! ;D

Ps: I like GIFs .. You didn't know huh?  ^^

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interregnum Apr 9, 2019

Actually, it's Yotsuba. 

...but, yes, Miku is also best girl.

Man, that turned out to be a great series. 

interregnum Apr 9, 2019

Fun fact: I had to look up what manga you were talking about, because I had no memory of the title. 

But, yes, having looked it up...I remember thinking it was boring. And definitely NOT yuri. It's just two girls living together and...buying matching mugs.

Didn't do it for me, man. But I'm glad you enjoyed it. (You still reading that...Lillies and Roses or whatever?)

On the other hand, Quintessential Quintuplets is as fun as the show. And I recommend it. 

interregnum Apr 2, 2019

But the play was so clunky! The dialogue was so hackneyed! And we really did know all the ins and outs already. I agree that seeing the parents there and how the play was basically a cry for help from Nanami (even though she didn't write it) was good...but I didn't need to see the whole thing to get that impression. Little flashes of it might have been okay, but the whole thing?


Now we have to wait 9 months to find out. 

Sad face.

I mean, I'm glad you enjoyed it, but...sad face.

And, no, they don't perform the play, in the anime. It ends with their date at the aquarium, much to the frustration of people who only watch the show. 

interregnum Apr 1, 2019

Sitting through the play was unbearable. We'd already seen so much of the content in other ways, so it felt so much like filler to watch them actually perform it. (And, really, it was so stilted and dull.)

But that bit right at the end...when Yuu thinks Nanami's "Sorry" is a rejection instead of a genuine apology--total gut punch. 

I don't know if it ripped me up as much as seeing Yuzu weeping, at the end of Citrus, but it was darn close.

interregnum Apr 1, 2019


We're going to have to wait FOREVER for the next volume, aren't we.