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Girls of the Wild's

Oct 15, 2017

Let this be a warning.

(No Spoilers)

This manhwa has a fairly interesting plot that got me hooked instantly. The author has a unique presentation that I find refreshing in a sea of genericness. That being said, while the beginning and middle were done well, something changed. The best way I can describe it, it's as if a sculpter crafted a masterpiece, only to take a sledgehammer and smash it into oblivion. Finishing this series felt like a grind or an endurance race. But having already invested roughly 200 chapters of my life into it made it hard to leave unfinished. The climax felt completely rushed and left me angry/disappointed for having viewed anything prior to it. I'm left with the impression that the author of this series must be spiteful or angry about something in their life to have ended the story this way.

TL;DR this had the potential to be a good overall story but the author took it off the deep end

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
5/10 overall

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AquaticWeeb Feb 1, 2021

The later half of the story left me disappointed, I had so much expectations and yeah the ending was rushed as hell.

ShinrabanshouGr Jan 4, 2021

Exactly the same feelings. I just finished this and in the last 30-35 chapters I was skipping most of the text because I could understand the shit that was happening just from the images.
Season 1 (~200 chapters) was a solid 9/10, even if it had some stupid and forced moments.
Season 2 was trash (3/10 at best), too much forced drama just for the sake of it, Dal Dal was forced to be with a random guy just so she is not alone. There are some really great characters that were never really used properly in the story later (the gangster kid would have been great with Dal Dal, instead of the random dude).