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Lessermook May 17, 2022

Yo, i thought Athrun dying in that episode wasn't going to stick due to the previous instances of plot armor but i never really considered how much better that might've been or at least interesting- (shit if anyone gonna croak, Meyrin shoulda died, she had no seatbelt on lol) & no scars on neither of them

PERSONALLY, i could write a goddamn book on everything wrong with Destiny- Including The goddamn Gundam itself (underrated machine, victim of it's own anime; No issue with how it looks, just that Power drainage bullshit) "state of the art" Yeah right, Duranal..

  • point being: wanna get me going? Just talk about GSD lol

Anyways- FOR ME, of all the highlights.. it would have to be Episode 28 Kira vs Athrun 2 (or so we thought) / Zala no-scoping in a Zaku in EP3-6 then YAMATO pulls up and says Cagalli is crying (because what else is the woman allowed to do??) And Then Athrun proceeds to get 2 hit KO'D by Freedom in a suit (Savior) that posssesses the data both Freedom and Justice-- HOLY SHIT dude..

Athrun was untouchable in Savior, fast as shit, Plasma cannons, Aerodynamic design thus also an aerial dogfighter, pulling maneuvers that impressed my eyes (I personally simp for Tallgeese 1) so Athrun was THAT nice with Savior; So there WAS NO reason why he got bent over the couch like that. 

Of all the moments that i'm still salty about, that one is my number one, which is why it's getting my attention first; That shit's getting fixed like a mf.

WonderofU129 Jan 1, 2022

Can you spoil me a bit what happened to it? I want to know what happened to the manhwa girls in the wild's, and is this a new trend solo leveling also ended that way leaving so many people unsatisfied 

juancito3000 Jul 31, 2020

Well, is not that I want to know what they are thinking, but the animation sometimes shows certain "hints" that never came into play.
I still watch the anime, but the theme changed a lot, in which you know nothing about Sora for some episodes and then basically becomes a side character.
I'm 90% confident that something happened production-side that changed the feel of the anime.

Shadexo Jan 2, 2019

You're goddamn right!