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Hello there and I am Elizabeth. I live in the United States and I currently am in university for accounting. I am also currently 21 years of age. I care deeply about everyone that appears in my life and I try my best to be kind to them. However, I often times fail because of how socially awkward, the fact that I don’t think I’m good enough for people around me (primarily this), and my fear of saying something wrong. I’m trying to improve who I am more and more though and trying to figure out what I desire and want most in my life. Even if I’m always unsure though, I’ll never be unsure of what I have faith in. My birthday is August 19th also, meaning in literal zodiac terms I am a Leo. However, in other terms I am a cusp meaning a blend of two signs. In my case I’m a Leo-Virgo meaning I have a mix of quiet intellgence and the ability to at the same time be very bubbly, loyal, and charismatic. As a result, I aim for genuine and deep connections, meaning you will never ever see me at noisy and loud events (like parties) since I seek out genuine people who are interested in me. However, both of these signs are honest and hard workers so really at times I do benefit. Most of my friends think I’m something else, strong, unique, and caring at times this is hard to believe, but the older I get the more I see it.

Most people on here don’t describe what they look like but I might as well since, this is after all a bio. I am 5’5 in height, not short nor tall, right in the middle. My hair is a long and brown and my eyes also brown. I typically wear clothes that make me stand out a bit, but not too much meaning I’m typically modest when I get dressed. Though the older I get the more I am starting to care less about what is in style. Summer is the time where I explore myself the most though and I care less about modesty. I’ve been told I’m pretty by various people, but it wasn't until a few years where I believed them. I’ve always had low confidence ever since I was little. It’s still something I struggle with. A lot of experiences in my life has made me this way of course. My constant acne outbreaks don't help. Really what I have right now keeps me going. 

Anime wise I don’t have any extreme favorites but ever since I could remember I’ve been super into romance so in a way you could consider me a romantic. More than likely I’m a hopeless romantic but I still try to keep my heart far enough where I know I’ll be safe. Also lately I’ve been going more witht the flow due to my studies. I am more than likely to watch a series with multiple episodes now than before or a series that will actually keep my attention. 

Music wise I am all over the place. The only genre I tend to not like really is country music at times, but only if I think the song sounds stupid. Otherwise, the main genre I grew up was rock and I explored all of it's forms as a result. I also listen to a whole lot of other genres too in various languages. Specifically, I mostly listen to music in English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and other languages. Currently I'm spamming my Kpop playlist on repeat to feel more positve about life and get a small boost of energy throughout my days at university.

I also have a schedule like everyone else and I’m usually busy so please be aware I’m usually NOT on for these reasons:

  1. I am after all a college student, being a student is very TIRING
  2. Working outside of class tutoring
  3. Anime watching is now become a major part of my life again!
  4. I also play video games (The Sims 4, Pokémon, etc) so this is another reason
  5. I am trying my best to be more social, so please be aware I socialize like everyone else
  6. Reading is something I love to do in my spare time so I try my best to read as much as possible  
  7. There are other reasons as to why I’m not on as much but I’d rather not explain them 

Please note, I am usually never on but if you’d like to talk to me please leave a comment I wouldn’t mind

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CaptainJd005 May 27, 2022

Thank you for following me back.     :)

Kaeseolin May 25, 2022

Hello there Miss Elizabeth! Thanks for following me back, and you still have a lot of people just like me either, by the way I actually love your bio as well!

Feel free to talk to me if you ask anything later! :)

ABHIROOP1024 Oct 27, 2021

Thanks for the Follow back:)

Maker May 21, 2021

Hey!! I hope u're doing great!! :D

I just returned to this site after a long while, so i was just surfing and came across ur profile, and had to make a comment after reading ur bio^^

We really are similar in some of things like being socially awkard and feeling like not being good enough for people around us or afraid of saying somethings wrong, so it touched me and felt like i was reading my own bio, not like i've actually made one. Haha!!

I hope the best for u and wish u succeed in whatever u want and get better and just be happy!! :D

Stay Safe!!^^

LUCIIIII Feb 8, 2021

Haha okay^^

Thanks for recommending Your Lie in April(I have been wanting to watch this one^^) and My Little Monster, will check it out^^

YEAAHH I DO,  webtoons/webcomics  are so good, I real them everyday too lmao :D

Stay Safe :)