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Sirscaredyclaude Dec 9, 2019

Actually, I was only using the blunt metal end of my sketch pencil to relieve myself of the cold. As for Wicked City, I may have on my PTW list already, but the fact is that this movie came from a time when movies took forever to be released in theaters. Imagine seeing the first Terminator or Rambo (took 6 years for Sony to make a sequel of First Blood) movie in the theater for months before another movie takes its place, plus all my relatives told me that movie production was slow in the 80s.

Anyway Megane, you seem to be doing well and I'm alnost ready to binge watch X-Files. I was too young to comprehend the plot back in the 90s, so it wasn't made for your average kid at all. Not sure how X-Files can fit in with the Disney+ platform if the younger me wasn't ready to watch it. Oh! and Gotham is a worthy prequel to the classic Batman: TAS.

Sirscaredyclaude Dec 6, 2019

Hey Megane! watched any interesting anime so far? I just got a cold lately and now I'm learning to use acupuncture for that (like poking the skin around my thumb with my drawing pencil) and of course I have chicken soup as well as Jolly Ranchers around me, yum! :)

Oh yes! and the holidays are around the corner. Lucky for me, I have to take a break from BC for the holidays, so I'll be sure to take some time off with Christmas decorating and watching Advent of the Red Comet. Imagine how fun it would be if the two of us went to the Gundam Museum during the holidays.

Sirscaredyclaude Nov 25, 2019

Those are the original Wild Arms villains, which are a squad of demons and a brainwashed but gorgeous female knight. I remember I wanted to make them pay for using her to to their dirty work. Kinda like the time I watched Superman: TAS wanted to kick Darkseid's ass as a kid for brainwashing Superman and making the world hate on him.

In other news, I also made a bright and colorful take on Clara from the old 2003 FMA series like this:

Sirscaredyclaude Nov 25, 2019

Hi Megane! how are you doing? I made it to the Mr. Freeze arc in Gotham after season 2 got me hooked last weekend.

Oh! and here it is, tah-dah! :)

Sirscaredyclaude Nov 17, 2019

Hi Megane! :) BC is going well and logarithms are things I already learned from Yaymath's Algebra II video series and from an old copy of Intermediate Algebra. They were harder to get into than exponents and scientific notation combined, but it's all under control now. Can't wait to be a businessman like Bruce Wayne or Bill Gates someday and ditch shop work.

Btw, I still have to get around Space Battleship Yamato some time, but at least my old laptop got to boot properly up again. Now that I'm done with Netflix's Punisher series, I'll slowly binge watch Gotham and classic X-Files.

Furthermore, after reading news about HBO Max, I plan on getting it some time and hopefully, I'll get automatically subbed to Crunchyroll. Oh! I want to check out this season's detective anime too.