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Sirscaredyclaude Feb 11, 2021

By the way Megane, have you found any censored subtitles on Crunchyroll anime lately? I heard that Sony or Aniplex is responsible for that. I wish that Sony could just stick to their real forte which is consumer electronics.

For me, it's either 9anime, Netflix or physical media whenever I wanna watch anime. Still no news about anime coming to UHD Blu-Ray besides Akira, but I'm sure the anime industry will get there.

eatmerindou Feb 10, 2021

ahh okay thank you for the advice i didn't realize it was canon to the original story. in that case, since my buddy is gonna be visiting me at college at some point over the next month or two, i'm gonna try to have finished Steins;Gate Zero by then. by the way, i noticed that both Ex-Arm and Heaven's Design Team are on your "watching" list. i was looking forward to Ex-Arm before the season started, but after seeing the CGI it just seemed so unwatchable to me. and with Heaven's Design Team, i watched ep1 and wasn't thoroughly entertained so it's on my stalled list for now. but i'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on either of those

eatmerindou Feb 9, 2021

i'm honestly in the same boat in terms of not really getting into many long-running franchises, Hunter X Hunter is probably the longest show i've seen just in general. i doubt i'll ever get into Naruto and/or Bleach since those two are just way too long for me to commit to, but i also said that about HxH in the past so you never know. 

i just finished Steins;Gate today and i also thorougly enjoyed it. i found it pretty amazing how well they covered the entire cast of characters in so much depth in just the span of 24 episodes. i'd also definitely agree that one of this show's best points is how the various characters interact with one another; it was always a treat to see Okabe and Kurisu on screen together. i've heard similar things from other people about Zero and the film, as well. a handful of people seemed to be somewhat disappointed with Zero, but my friend who got me to finally stop putting off Steins;Gate in the first place said he liked it. but if i do get around to watching it at some point, i'm gonna do my best to not raise my expectations to the level of the original show haha

Sirscaredyclaude Feb 8, 2021

Dinner was great and it's been years since I last made cereal bars with melted marshmallows.

On the other hand, I've been thinking of watching this Darkstalkers anime that a friend of mine mentioned last month (I mistakenly thought Rie Tanaka was the original voice of Morrigan one time). At the same time, I got a bunch of Hokuto no Ken movies on my plan to watch list.

So far, still no news about the future Gungrave game and who that cute looking girl is. Brandon and Bunji are the only familiar faces that I see on those pictures. Too bad Billy and Jyuji won't be coming back, I'll miss those two. Also, Kirk Thornton should have been the voice of Jyuji instead of Cam Clarke (I didn't feel his cheesy anger or frustration on Overdose). Steven Blum on the other hand, put all his effort as Bunji.

Oh yes! I forgot about Redline and I've been saving that household name for later. It should have been on Netflix unless Funimation or Sonymation got their grubby hands on it now. Funimation pretty much disowned Black Butler at this point, so Netflix picked it up.

eatmerindou Feb 8, 2021

ooh yeah i am also following WEP, Sk8, and Dr. Ramune; they've all been pretty enjoyable for me so far, i've just fallen behind in all my seasonals over the past 2-3 weeks since my university courses resumed. i was also considering watching Back Arrow once it finishes airing, too, so it's nice to hear you're liking it so far. since i haven't had the brainpower to juggle a bunch of different shows along with my current coursework, i've just been watching Hunter X Hunter whenever i have some free time. my roommate had been asking me to watch it for well over a year and i thought i'd never get around to it but it's been quite good actually. a really well-done shounen in my opinion, but for people who don't typically gravitate towards battle shounen anime, it's probably not worth sitting through 148 episodes.

another friend of mine also asked me to watch Steins;Gate so he could have someone to talk about it with, and that one is most likely going down as one of my favorites. it does a phenomenal job of building its characters in such a short amount of time and although the story is sometimes hard to follow, it's super interesting. i noticed you also gave Steins;Gate 5-stars, so i'm assuming you can relate to my sentiments haha. not sure how long ago you watched it but do you have a favorite character from that franchise?