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AndriasSch Jan 4, 2020

Hey there, what have you been watching during the holidays? 

Sirscaredyclaude Jan 3, 2020

Hi Megane! did you have a loud New Years day too? firecrackers happen.

Oh! and bricks are a piece of cake where as basalt is impossible to drill or penetrate. Instead of drilling that rock, I'll make a stone hammer replica of it instead. I might even need basalt hammers or the adze, like Primitive Technology's (John Plant from Australia) in case of an apocalypse. I never smelted iron before, but I did watch an interesting video with west African blacksmiths having made iron for generations and another one with a Chinese guy smelting an early Iron Age style hatchethead from scratch using naturally occuring materials (except mined anthracite coal, which substituted charcoal; charcoal doesn't shine like that).

I do have to go to work, but I can't go back to school till next week. But hey! at least business calculus is fairly easy and it won't take that long. Now I know why logarithms are needed for integration or integrals.

As for Advent of the Red Comet, I'm 8 episodes in. I thought about re-watching The Origin, but this is great.

Vuh Dec 31, 2019

You know I never really checked other people's Won't Watch lists but I clicked on yours and now I'm trying to find a theme that somehow connects Excel Saga to Kaleido Star to Lucky Star. 

Sirscaredyclaude Dec 28, 2019

I was just drilling holes on a brick wall for hanging new decorations and after that, I've been drawing some Digimon stuff for my friends. Ah! now that's a good joke. :D

Speaking of Fruits Basket, my little sister liked the remake. Oh! and the last Year of the Rat (2008) was the year for Code Geass.

The holidays will be over soon and I'll have to hitting the books, oh well!

Sirscaredyclaude Dec 27, 2019

Oh hey Megane! you're welcome and I was just doing home improvement stuff after coming home from work fairly early. I'm also excited for New Years and the next Year of the Rat. 2008 was the best Year of the Rat ever where as the year before that was boring.