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EvaCVM Mar 28, 2021

My anime love story begins with Sailor Moon. I've seen it on TV, that programm brodcasted 2 episodes a day and only on Saturday and Sunday at 11am. 
I was in love with it to the extent of lying to my friends that I have a boyfriend and his name is Tuksedomask XD (pathetic me).

My parents bought me a computer a lot later than other kids in my class. I was over 12 when I discovered internet. 
So I started watching everything I could. And I remembered anime. I discovered that anime was not just any cartoon, and I've actually seen more anime than I thought , like Spirited Away , Walking Castle and Tokyo Mew Mew, Slayers and Kaleido Stage. 

And it hooked me, so as a result I became adicted to anime, to Japan and I started studying all I could about it. Later I got a chance to start studyig Japaneese. 

Now, I understand that there have been times, when my adolescence life was such trash, that only going home to watching anime saved me from being a typical teenager with suicidal intents. 
And in my hardest times I could dive into other worlds to avoid many mistakes in the real one. (well, hormones mess with people)

Well, to answer your question - I am graduating as a general practitioner this year. But by the beggining of my internship I am going to choose a speciality. 
I've been thinking for a long time and I have a couple of options - but generally I would like to have enough credits to be a gastroenterologist. 
How about your ocupation? 

Sirscaredyclaude Mar 27, 2021

Oh! I'm doing rather well and I get to take more time off for dishes or chores. Fortunately for me, my weekend chores aren't nearly as daunting as previous ones. The worst chores is having to lift heavy things in the the hot sun or the dry season. Landscaping would fit in the description.

An example of hot weather chores would be me forgetting to bring a wagon and having to drag a bucket of bolts to the scrapyard across the street. At least I got my money after recycling 70 lbs or 32 kilograms of steel plus stamina.

Good thing I found polypropylene twine and a big sheet of plastic on my way so that I could bind the bucket. 

EvaCVM Mar 27, 2021

I watchede DGray Man on TV a very long time ago. And I have no ideas how many episodes I've seen.
I know the plot and also (by accident) I spoiled the ending for myself , so now I don't really have the interest to watch it fully. But I liked it and I adore the music in this anime. 
I might mark it as watche later and just never go back to it XD

Same story with FairyTale. 

Blood+ was one of the anime that I started watching on a bad mood and after stalling it didn't have the mood to start it over((((

EvaCVM Mar 27, 2021

I've been stalling Durara for suuuuch a long time. 

I started watching it once and managed 3 episodesd , but dropped it. 
No ideas why , but it is hard to get back to it. 

Well I do like Izaya, so I might start it again. 

Also, I absolutely loved Blast of the Tempest when I saw it. 
I will try Double Decker - thank you <3

EvaCVM Mar 27, 2021

Heloooooo <3

I am really glad I could be of help. 
I liked the anime a lot , and I am glad you liked it as well. 

Feel free to ask me any questions.
Also I would like you to rocommend me something worth watching <3 

Thank youuuuu <3