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EvaCVM Mar 30, 2021

How is your day?

You seemed so mature , ond only later I noticed your age. You actually are mature XD
I am a little surprised ,you not only watch anime, but you also comunicate with people on this web page. I like that <3

Also , you job sounds like a lot of fun.

abbyishere4manga Mar 30, 2021

Akishima, EVERYONE is a sucker for pretty boys and magic XD

WOW! You are watching lots of anime! I've heard of Hortensia Saga, it's actually on my want to watch, do you recommend it? 

Sorry you're busy with work! Hang in there!

You actually read my profile? I feel like no one does because it's long, and well, long XD 
Yeah, i don't think i should put BL on there, just because there's some people who might feel awkward with it, and i'm also awkward with people who aren't comfortable reading it haha. BL is reserved for true connoisseurs lmao >U< 

abbyishere4manga Mar 29, 2021

Hi Akishima! 
I haven't chatted with you in a long time~ 
How have you been? What anime have you enjoyed watching recently?

FoodLife Mar 29, 2021

no problemo. hope you enjoy the manga as much as I did (^▽^)

FoodLife Mar 29, 2021

it's from https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/our-dreams-at-dusk-shimanami-tasogare. he's the MC