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Sirscaredyclaude Feb 1, 2020

Hey Megane! how are you doing? I was so tired last night that I could only watch the old Space Battleship Yamato and on Youtube via my Sony BDP. I also re-watched some Rurouni Kenshin on Netflix for nostalgia. Too bad generic Blu-Ray players can't support CR, but I hope HBO Max takes care of this problem for Crunchyroll someday.

Vuh Jan 30, 2020

"Utterly meh" is basically my job description(s) so I'm actually mildly hype. Like I'll buy the DVD once I pay off this damn vacation by April. You'd figure taxes would be great for me, since I got ultra excited at being able to view Cueneiform tax records from ancient Sumeria when I went to the San Jose Egypt Museum but no. No, American tax filing is not nearly as exciting.

And you're not alone. I won a $100 Amazon gift card by participating in an anime sociology study in college and then proceeded to buy the Black Lagoon box set and a bunch of other anime...yeah, that was a circular purchase if I've ever seen one.

Vuh Jan 29, 2020

So here I am, procrastinating on finishing the Patlabor OVA/Overlord II/literally everything else I've been watching because I'm annoyed at my tax return and I decide to check out your lowest rated non-OVA/oneshot anime and now I'm on a personal mission to check out Divine Gate because, as a connoisseur of terrible anime, I've got to check it out. If I can't properly participate in the DTAB club, then at least I'm gonna raid my AP friends' lists for terrible anime. Wish me luck!

KBLOVECRAFT Jan 27, 2020

If you care to, give it a watch and let me know what you think. 

Yeah its weird almost like you gotta dig for it. 

KBLOVECRAFT Jan 27, 2020

Yeah for some reason its very easy to miss this show. I could swear there wasn't a whole lot of mainstream promotion of it. Its filled with very distinct groups on the basis of race or religion all trying to get theirs in this little town called Banshee. Meanwhile the protaganist himself is caught in the midst of all this and- [censored for spoilers?]. Lots of kick ass fights, gunfire, saucy sex scenes, etc. S'good stuff.