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I discovered anime as an adult and felt like I needed to make up for lost time; more than a decade later there are still so many great shows I haven't seen yet.

Some of my favorite anime series are: Mushishi, Natsume's Book of Friends, Barakamon, March Comes in Like a Lion, My Neighbor is a Cat, Wotakoi, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Neon Genesis Evangelion, RahXephon, Gundam 00, Ghost Hunt, Kino's Journey, Intrigue in the Bakumatsu, Shounen Onmyouji, Witch Hunter Robin, Midnight Occult Civil Servants, Chaos;Child, Toward the Terra, Mawaru Penguindrum, Sakurada Reset, Durarara, Mekakucity Actors, Darker Than Black, Puppet Master Sakon, Acca, Baccano, The Eccentric Family, The Great Passage, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Star Driver, Noir, The Twelve Kingdoms, Persona: Trinity Soul.

A few favorite anime films: Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Patlabor movies 1 & 2, Ghost in the Shell, Paprika, Perfect Blue, Only Yesterday, the Persona 3 films, The Garden of Sinners films, When Marnie Was There, My Neighbors the Yamadas.

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SanaSans Jul 26, 2021

Anytime, if I find anymore I will let you know, but I think I like my selection of stores to buy from right now. And if I don't find them there, I have my own personal seller in Japan so, I'm not exactly looking to find anymore online sites now.

It's a lot more difficult than you would know.

Girl bands are mainly catering to the male fan base, I'm not into girls, or seeing them trying to act cute or sexy so...lol. I enjoy some male bands, but not every single one that comes out, it ultimately comes down to their music, not so much their gender. Classical is alright, Celtic is okay, Not so sure about the European Symphonic Metal, and well Soundtracks are alright too. But you want to know what females I enjoy listening to, lets see...hm...I enjoyed a few of S.H.E songs, there was that one song off of Nana, "A little Pain," by Olivia, I liked listening to Avril Lavigne growing up, she's not too bad even now. And of course there are a few sporadic songs here and there from people like Rihanna, Britney Spears and some other well know and obscure artists. I can definitely say Amy Lee is probably the female artist I enjoy listening to the most. Because she isn't try to make herself cute, or innocent looking, or just simply fake and her voice is different than the rest.

Lol yeah, he is. He and his little soot sprites and smaller totoro's (I call them that XD), the music made it so magestical. I saw Mary and the Witch's Flower I can say it grabbed my little heart quite well lol. But I could understand it not touching everyone the same way.

Ah I see, that's interesting. Some times when I read I find myself spacing out and I force myself to go back and reread what I know I read but don't remember what it was haha. So I think I have a slight idea of your plight. As for the manga, I mean...I can't blame you for being more interested in the art, when I was younger I would look at all the pictures on the two pages, then read, turn the page and repeat.

Oh wow, that's pretty interesting. I hope I have time this week to look more into this guy, especially since he's Catholic. I know Japan has a high percentage of them living there, but it still interests me at the mere thoughts of Catholic's living in Japan. I'll have to keep an eye out for the guy in animes in the future.

That could be a reason why you tend to venture towards female authors more. I've heard of Pandora Hearts, I have a pocket watch from the anime; but, I've never been able to watch it. Is it any good?

Haha. I think most men gravitate more towards damsels in distress or the soft gentle female, almost every American guy I've spoken to has a asian fetish, or at least has wanted an asian girlfriend  as a result. It feeds the need to be some sort of knight in shining armor, even if it's just for the honey moon phase. :S  Then they start wanting an independent woman, but then when she's become such, they complain. So I don't know. LOL! Maybe some guys are as crazy as the reverse harem guys in anime. @[email protected] But haha, hot guys. XD I think what I hate the most about reverse harems is they always seem to add this one guy that mistreats the girl, calling her "bitch" or something along those lines, as if normal females would actually like that. I don't know about other girls, but if some guy started being perverted and was cussing at me, I can't say I'd be all over them. I'd be walking the other way.

Oh, she looks cool. But those legs...make up half of her body, that's just unrealistic lmao.

Haha. I'm pretty ocd myself so I understand. Which explains why you may get several notifcations of a comment from me, I go back and reread what I wrote and have to fix errors I spot. So I'm now trying not to reread my comments lol. But, I tend to clean to get busy or to keep my mind off of stuff or blow off some steam. I can't really talk to anyone in a private manner, even then, most people I know are unreliable so I don't have a good support system. Taking a walk where I live can be dangerous, mainly because the wild animals. And I don't drive so I can't walk to any parks or anything like that.  But that's cool, must be nice to be so close to the water. Now I miss going to the beach and just sitting on the sand, no one I know wants to go to the beach or do anything. D,X I used to be a friend kind of person, until I realized I genuinely cared more about my friends then they did about me. I got treated like crap the moment they made other friends and you could just tell I was only around because I was known to give gifts or they knew I would always be there if they needed anything. Now I'm just about being with one person and living the rest of my life making memories with them....but unfortunately most people are about socializing these days and their friends.....not about family and partners. Ah well. If you haven't seen your friends in a while, you should probably book a trip to see them though.

It's been like this for years, the only way it may improve is if I move out of the country lol! And I just may haha. I have time for myself, but I don't really have tiime for myself if that makes any sense. It's not about family obligation, its because I care about my family more than they do about me. I could sit here and spill the last almost 30 years of my life, but I'd perfer not to. XDThe past few days I haven't been feeling super great and even as I write this I still feel like crap. DX I need a vacation and very very very long one as long as I can bring my dog. Haha.

SanaSans Jul 23, 2021

I'm extremely tired at the moment and the only one I can think of, is the one I recently bought my Sorey figure from, Kappa Hobby. Oh and there's BoxLunch and Suruga-ya, I just recently started to look at the more expensive figures. Unfortunately, I may not be able to get another good one for a long time. I'm kinda at the whim of my family, as I stay home and help care for a disabled sibling, so I don't really make money of my own.

Haha, that's understandable, I tend not to really pay attention though. I used to be big into music, then for personal reasons...my love for it almost all but died so. :/ My kpop boy bands were from back in my hayday, I don't really follow these new ones, they don't hold a match to the ones that started it all. Sorry, I don't care for girl bands in slightest, kpop or otherwise. I'm very very very VERY picky on the females I listen to. But then again I'm that way with males too. I 100% don't care for girl bands though. XDD I've been recently getting back into my rock days, which were far longer than my kdays.

D,: HOW!? How could you forget about Totoro! Lol, just kidding. I feel like that movie has the most iconic sound track, but then again I watched that when I was fairly small.I'm not sure, I really enjoyed one of their films very very much. But I can understand you liking the Studio Ghiblli more. I think I've seen Only Yesterday and maybe My Neighbor the Yamadas.

Is it because you get bored easily or simply because you take your time reading? I haven't read the Cain Series yet, and have read most if not all of the Godchild series. My love for reading is another thing that as has almost faded into obscurity. I really need to get back into reading the manga. Or re-reading what I have. Most people haven't heard of Cross, I ran into that when I was pretty young and loved every minute, so I hope you like it as much as I did, if you are able to find the manga. I think you should be able to find them though. Hm, I have to look into that person, I'm afraid I don't know the history. Unless you care to share what you do know about the history of what you mentioned?

I think I might be the same way, I tend to like to have horror and mystery manga over anything else. That is interesting, I'm not super sure what the gender of the authors of my manga are though. Haha, yeah most reverse harems are meh, I feel like they are filled with some male characters that are just way too much. Or they make me wonder what they were thinking having certain characters implimented into the show.

I haven't seen that anime, but I will take your word for it.

Awe that sucks. But maybe they will reprint?

Repitition isn't exactly bad, you should learn to enjoy it a little at least. The only thing I hate about real life is that people are fickle, fake and ungrateful. Cleaning the house isn't so bad, though no one appreciating it being done for them, that is. You have a life, at least you work and make money. I've done work for no money since I was 16 and it sucks, especially with how ungrateful people have been. It's completely okay for you to not want to do anything. But if you really feel guilty, maybe you should take a walk around where you live and get some air, enjoy a sunset, or a sit on a bench. :)  If I could drive, I would just get into the car just drive, hell I may not even come back home. Enjoy the freedom you have, spice up that reptition a bit. Alone isn't a bad thing. I know people who HAVE to do things with people, they can't even function without people or breath or think without them. If you do things alone, I give you props. But, a loner with friends far away? That doesn't sound like much of a loner. Loners have no friends.

Apologies for a delayed response, I've been have a rough...decade lol.

Bloodlord739 Jul 22, 2021

Heya Aki! 

So sorry for my lack of presence but doom has struck! My laptop died the other day and so I heartwretchingly won't be watching any anime at all for the foreseeable future </3 :(

I'm pretty crushed about it since I know I won't be able to get a replacement anytime soon. But thankfully I have a PS4 so thank God for that.

Also I couldn't help but find it somewhat funny how you said you've tried to watch Heroic Age twice and this happens the third time you tried XD

Ooof that sounded painful but glad your back is doing ok this time!

I'm messaging on the phone rn and I hate typing on phone's so my replies will much shorter >.<

Sorry to leave you hanging like this, hope your doing all right budd. Take it easy <3

SanaSans Jul 21, 2021

I buy from other legit sites because I have my places that are cheaper than Crunchyroll and Rightstuf, I do have them in my back pocket just in case though.

It's one of the better hobbies I've heard a person have, so no judgements here. XD

The only ones on your list that I know of are: Mushishi, Inuyasha, .hack//sign, a lot of the rest I believe my sister would know. I don't really know composer names or most japanese group names. I'm more of an older kpop scene kind of girl. Unless it's Gackt, I grew up on him. But of course I know Miyazaki films, my favorite would be: My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle. Although, Studio Ponoc I enjoy as well.

Finally! Someone else that actually knows of: The Cain Saga and God Child! I own those as well, I love their art style. I own the manga set of Cross too and used to try to mimic the art style in God Child and Cross. But I will be honest and say I love the art style of Sumiko Amakawa in the Cross series a bit more. Haha, that's cool, I enjoy the horror and mystery genre of anime myself lol. Not a huge fan of slices of life or romance, unless it's like a reverse harem or something. XD

I understand lol. And this may be weird, but I do not like the figure, not just because price, it's just not appealing to me. The only thing I love about it is, it's going to sound weird...that red cloth and the cogs. But I get what you mean, and completely agree. Too much back ground can take away from a character.

Haha! I have no idea which one, buuuUUuut maybe you should go with Arthur, in my honest opinion, he does look so much better lol. Or maybe I'm just biased. XDD But really, I think you have plenty of time to decide which oneof Saber to get, and when you'll find it, you'll know.

I can understand doing stuff on a game being fun and then getting boring. There's a lot to do on the game I play as well, but it did get boring after constant nonstop work and playing it.I don't mind repitition personally, I find it fun. I do get bored sometimes, but real life is more than repetitive for me and nothing changes, unless I am able to make it change. Which in my situation, is impossible if not difficult. But do you do it, if you don't like repetition? XD lol.

I wouldn't call binge watching anime having no life, it just means you enjoy it or need an escape. It's better than watching other garbage out there or having the need to be constantly hanging out with "friends" or being up people's butts needing to know everything, for a lack of better words. Or having to go to parties all the time and/or get wasted. I'd choose anime over socializing almost any day. Haha. Though, I personally can be both social or not, just depends on how I feel. And as of late, I can't say I've been feeling social. .___. I say that as I write this and laugh a little bit lol.

SanaSans Jul 20, 2021

I found a couple of sites that are deemed legit too and the shipping is beyond ridiculous. Just a forewarning though, just because an item comes from Japan, doesn't mean its legit either. I've heard that some Japanese sellers purposely buy fakes and sell them as legits to make money, when I heard that, I was shocked. So I don't blame you with Ebay or even Amazon, but almost every site isn't 100% safe from fakes. Unless they are affliated with the brands, or the brand site itself, that's where I do my shopping.

But that's cool, you collect soundtracks? I'm not a big sound track collector myself, but I wouldn't mind getting into collecting videogame soundtracks at some point and maybe some anime show ones too. But I only tend to like one or two songs from animes, so maybe it wouldn't be a good way of spending my money lol. I do need to get into buying more manga though, and get back into reading them. I'm just always busy these days doing something I barely have time to even breath. DX What manga do you have in your collection?

Simple figures? I'm quite the opposite, I like mine highly detailed and top quality, but like you said, it is an expensive hobby. I can't afford to buy all the ones I would want, just the ones I want to have before I die. At least that's how I decide which ones are worth the money and time. However, the ones you've shown me are mix of slight simplicity and descent quality, but I wouldn't call them completely simple, at least in my opinion. But I can see what you are talking about. Green, an interesting favorite color. And it's pretty interesting you keep that color in mind while shopping lol. I tend to just buy and everything meshes well together. XD My vote is on Saber, and I only know here because I've seen her on the figure seling sites, so cave now and get her, when you can of course. Don't want to miss her when she's gone!

I completely understand lol. That's another reason why it took me so long to give Zestiria another shot. It is time consuming like all online games. Oh W.O.W, that's not my cup of tea really, I know some people that that's all they live for. I've been playing an MMORPG for many many years, but I'd perfer to keep it off the comments. XD I take year break from it and curtainly started back, for just a little while. I'm all about my games, though I don't own a switch currently, just have decent computer to play games on.

Haha! Another binge watcher like myself that's pretty funny. I don't watch anime often these days because I have to watch it all before doing anything else. But that's cool, maybe once I finish the DLC from Zestiria I'll give a go on the anime. But right now it will have to wait for me.