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I discovered anime as an adult and felt like I needed to make up for lost time; more than a decade later, there are still so many great shows I haven't seen yet.

Some of my favorite anime series are: Mushishi, Natsume's Book of Friends, Barakamon, March Comes in Like a Lion, My Roommate is a Cat, Wotakoi, Saiyuki, Neon Genesis Evangelion, RahXephon, Gundam 00, Ghost Hunt, Kino's Journey, Intrigue in the Bakumatsu, Shounen Onmyouji, Witch Hunter Robin, Midnight Occult Civil Servants, Chaos;Child, Toward the Terra, Penguindrum, Sakurada Reset, Durarara, Mekakucity Actors, Darker Than Black, Puppet Master Sakon, Acca, Baccano, The Eccentric Family, The Great Passage, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Star Driver, Noir, The Twelve Kingdoms, Persona: Trinity Soul, Shiki and Le Portrait de Petit Cossette.

A few favorite anime films are: Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Patlabor: The Movie, Patlabor 2, Ghost in the Shell, Paprika, Perfect Blue, Only Yesterday, the Persona 3 films, The Garden of Sinners films, When Marnie Was There, and My Neighbors the Yamadas.

I'm also pretty crazy about anime soundtrack music. A few favorite OSTs are: Mushishi, Pandora Hearts, Fairy Tail, Princess Mononoke, Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East, Noir, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, D. Gray-Man, Nabari no Ou, Noein and X/1999. Some Japanese composers/artists/bands I enjoy are Susumu Hirasawa, Yuki Kajiura, Toshio Masuda, angela, Akiko Shikata, Hitomi Kuroishi, Kokia, Bump of Chicken and Maaya Sakamoto.

Some of my favorite anime songs are (in no particular order):

Beautiful World (Hikaru Utada)

Hemisphere (Maaya Sakamoto)

Mag Mell (Eufonius)

I'll Be the One (HAL)

Inner Universe (Origa)

Resuscitated Hope (Lisa Komine)

Hikari no Yukue (Savage Genius)

Kaze no Machi he (FictionJunction Keiko)

Arrival of Tears (Ayane)

Energy (Ceui)

Every Time You Kissed Me (Emily Bindiger)

Continued Story (Hitomi Kuroishi)

Tokohana (Nagi Yanagi)

Ver. Ejected (Nao Tokisawa)

If I Can Save You, I'll Be Anything You Want (Maon Kurosaki)

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Sirscaredyclaude May 24, 2024

With that said, how are you doing this spring?

I also read Silent Möbius QD recently which can only be found in Japanese. Particles are the most difficult stuff to learn in Japanese and I thought kanji was hard. Because of particles (as well as word order and context) Japanese lacks articles that we use everyday like the or a.

Truth be told, excessive articles are just as annoying as excessive Japanese particles. Articles are widely abused in Spanish and it can get really annoying sometimes. So if you hate using articles everyday, then Russian, Cantonese and Mandarin are also good options besides Japanese.

Articles may also be the reason why some student I once knew back in high school preferred Japanese to French. He told me that he learned Japanese from some half-Japanese guardian's side of the family, lucky him!

Yes, Japanese is weird sometimes.

Other than that, I made cajun food recently like jambalaya. I thank Star Ocean 2 for giving me culinary ideas via customization. The awesome sci-fi RPG from Japan that a semitomboy about my age cherished as far back as 1999.

Sirscaredyclaude Mar 22, 2024

Halo was made to be multiplayer so I agree that it's more fun to play with a friend. I was 15 when I played Halo 2 with my brother and cousins which was great fun. Definitely my top favorite from that franchise.

I feel like the original Toy Story writers somehow predicted that stores were going to be flooded by kids because of some hit sci-fi action franchise lead by some kind of space soldier. They know that action sells as much as everyone.

A British tomboy your age told me that Halo is one of her most cherished franchises. Basically a huge fan of sci-fi, watching old dad flicks when it's movie night. She must totally be into androids, cyborgs or mecha like you.

It seems that a lot of people your age are more masculine than average people. Sometimes, very proud of what they are. Could be a wood ox thing and Year of the Ox (wood) people seem to excel academically than most people. Like they're built for intelligence and maybe leadership. Possibly earning more money and possibly being less likely to be in trouble by the law than everyone else. Sounds pretty amazing to me. Still human yet they are extraordinary.

As for Wild Arms 2, I finished replaying it in Japanese. I also love Kanon's backstory (I could relate to her traumatic childhood and experience; how she became half woman/half-machine, steampunkish bounty hunter; having strong dislike for demons and swearing vengeance) and Irving Vold Valeria, some rich boy, also a weird guy with ulterior motives. Knowing too much about some gang of outlaws, black magic, a reality warping space monster (alien, demon, fiend, whatever), etc. I feel like this Irving may have some similarities to Gendo Hikari.

I'm surprised that some vampire lady couldn't use her wisdom to warn me.

Irving Vold Valeria from Twilight Venom was okay because he's a very different character than his slightly older counterpart. Not as insane, diabolical or sneaky. I will say that Dave Wittenberg is the best actor for this long-haired rich boy.

With Wild Arms 2 out of the way, I really need to focus on Silent Möbius or its sequel from ten years ago. Use all that photographed dialogue to my advantage.

That's how I should be killing time before Akifumi Kaneko finally drops what could be the most Wild West or westernpunk JRPG in decades.

Sirscaredyclaude Feb 29, 2024

Speaking of Halo, I was 12 years old when I saw that game in stores. Brings back so many memories of my junior high days.

I also remember watching Zoids every morning back in my junior high days. 2001 has to be one of my favorite years growing up.

I also made good progress in Wild Arms 2, the Japanese version. Trying to photograph all the unfamiliar kanji and I thank Sony for making me play it in its original language. Again, their translation is so wrong. Especially when I want to get to know more about Brad Evans who was a convicted soldier with a very deep backstory. Almost my age or 31. Got sent to death row, but made it out in one piece.

The translation is so wrong that they accidentally labeled that character as a homosexual. No! Caina is the gay guy, one of its antagonists (holding a magic key; the only female antagonist is Antenora who is more of a tortured soul than an outlaw; poor woman), but the subpar American release labeled him as a woman. Kind of sounds like the Sailor Moon localization controversy.

Wild Arms will get a spiritual sequel called Armed Fantasia, but I wanted the character designs to be more like in space western anime. Hopefully, the next spiritual sequel won't have generic character designs we usually see in modern anime.

That spiritual sequel can still be cool as long as it stays true to the western genre. Armed Fantasia will also have steampunk elements which can go well with Wild West. That would like neo-western, Logan's respective genre.

The spiritual sequel is happening because Sony and most of Media Vision won't continue the Wild Arms franchise. It would also be very cool if Armed Fantasia 2 could have a tomboyish protagonist, like Virginia Maxwell 2.0.

That young brunette or cowgirl Virginia reminds me of how tomboyish you are. Traveling across the wasteland with four cowboys looking for her long, lost dad.

Spoiler alert, but Virginia and the four cowboys she's been with eventually got labeled as outlaws. Having been successfully framed. Each having gotten bounties on their heads. Kind of like Vash.

Wiiman365 Feb 25, 2024

hey man, thanks, Im weird as a teenager, because power metal, and metalcore are my favorites espite growing up now but the mid 2000s had the best metal

OkamiHime95 Feb 19, 2024


I saw your comment in the DAT thread regarding Ninja Kamui, & thought I'd let you know that (apparently) it's on the Adult Swim website/app for free. Both Subbed & Dubbed. :)