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NicoNicoDesu Mar 2, 2013

Do you mean the holiday?

NicoNicoDesu Feb 26, 2013

The pictures should come soon. (Famous last words.)

W... what...? Carnival? Did I miss something?

FokaFofo Feb 7, 2013

Hi! I never worry about being weird, because that makes me special :) But I always say this in case someone may be suprised. Bloody anime are fine for me as well :] 

NicoNicoDesu Feb 3, 2013

Yeah, stupid English-speaker coming through. ^.^'

Though, to me, just about every language sounds like another language. I really need to learn another language...

NicoNicoDesu Jan 28, 2013

Yay, another excuse to go onto YouTube! XD

But in all seriousness, Portuguese sounds like a cool language. I have to ask, though: Is it related to Spanish?