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Danmei that have been adapted to donghua or live action

List of danmei novels that have been/are being adapted to either donghua or live action. Will not include manhua, audio CD or mobile game adaptations, it really is only donghua or dramas. There are several novels I couldn't find...

Great BL That Everyone Will Enjoy

Great titles I've come across that even someone who doesn't read BL will enjoy (and that maybe will have you wanting to read more of the genre :D). Will try to had a small reason for each one but I may not be able to because I...

mama we all go to hell

this will list my journey into the danmei world. i have been a bookworm ever since i was a kid but i had never read any 'online' (web) novel or anything like that. i didn't even know web novels existed. after i got into anime...