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xyst May 23, 2020

Tbh, I am a bit introverted with new people in real life but i do find it notably easier to talk via animeplanet since its digital and all.  You also seem like a great person.  

I see you have put Eunseo, Sangwoo's mum, on character 'I am not a fan of', what are your thoughts on the two main leads (Sangwoo and Bum)?

I also love BL/Yaoi/Shounen Ai - What is your favourite BL manga?

what is your favourite manga/anime?  Mine is Bungo Stray Dogs for anime and Girl on Random chatting for manga - have you seen these or heard of these ones perhaps?

What is your biggest OTP (ship)? mine will be Iwaoi (Iwazumi and Oikawa) from Haikyuu, assuming you have heard of the anime (its okay if you havent ofc) who do you think would be the top/seme and the bottom/uke? 

Who is your favourite character(s) and least favourite (s) in general?

I am just raining you with a bunch of questions to get a conversation started and feel free to ask questions too.  You don't have to answer all of them either ^^

Wowow, your in University, thats cool - anyways hope you aren't too stressed or anything with assignments and all!

xyst May 22, 2020

Thank you so much for the follow (followed you back ofc)

Whenever you feel like it, we can chat about anime/manga as I see from your character like/dislike we have some in common!

Feel free to reply anytime with some questions, opinions or just a simple hello!

Have a good day/night - talk to you soon (?)

lindapearl Feb 9, 2020

Hello, welcome to anime-planet. Hope you enjoy your time here