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GalezOasis Mar 26, 2021

I totally agree!! Anything with a name like that just instantly gets my attention, and I'm hoping to see a manhua of it as well!! Her works are just beautiful and jaw dropping, a rabbit hole once again that just made me fall in love with her works so much. Truly enjoyable and cry worthy, but no it's all good. A friend of mine introducted it to me and ever since I know have a whole folder for her work, fanart, memes and just so much more on my computer. We can be mxtx hoe's together!

Farny Mar 25, 2021

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Oh so what are the two dramas you watched? ^-^ I'm really curious, maybe I know them ^-^ I haven't been interested in Asian dramas for a long time, I started to watched them in 2019, thanks to one of my closest friends who really likes them and helped me to found out more about them and also suggested me a lot of good dramas ^-^ Now, even though I started to enjoy them only two years ago, I watched a lot of them xD "The Untamed" is a masterpiece and "Word of Honor" is also great, I'm really enjoying it, so if you happen to watch it let me know what do you think about it ^-^ I'm not into Chinese dramas much, so I have watched only this two xD I particularly like Korean dramas and I also watched a lot of Thai dramas, some Japanese dramas and even few dramas from Philippines xD Anyway, if you are interested in them but you don't know what to watch since there are so many and you need some recommendations, feel free to ask ^-^

I also don't know many asexual people... in real life, I have one of my best friends who is asexual (but she is the only one xD), so it's not like I don't have any people I can relate to... I'm also really lucky because most of my friends are part of the LGBTQI+ community so I don't particularly feel left out most of the time but my hetero friends don't completely understand what it means to be asexual and they behave like it's something "strange"... I know that they don't it to being mean, they don't really get it xD In particular, it seems difficult for them to accept that I have a very different ideal of a relationship (since I'm not aromantic) from theirs... I don't know, for me it's normal that everyone is different and we all want different things but it seems difficult for some people to understand this concept xD Also, many people consider it really strange if you are 23 and have never been in a relationship or if you aren't obsessed about having one... The question "Did you find yourself a boyfriend?" or "What are you waiting for?" are some questions people always ask me... Like it's mandatory to have a boyfriend, or like life is some kind of race, or like I can't be perfectly happy and satisfied being single... I don't really get it xD</div> <div class="userContent">So, yeah, I'm really, really glad to have met someone who understands xD <3</div> <div class="userContent"> </div>

xALICExMIKUx Mar 25, 2021

💙HI hope Ur having a good day! Ikr! Living alone is great but if u can't go anywhere it's just lame lol💙😂

GalezOasis Mar 24, 2021

Ooooooooh whoa!! Thank you so much for all this info, although the website/link you sent me was confusing I think I got enough info as needed!! Thak you again but I can not wait for her next work, all of them are so beautiful and unique all in itself. The name/title does pull you in doesn't it? I'm already excited for it!!

My apologies for late reply as well!

xALICExMIKUx Mar 23, 2021

💙Lol awww rip. Yh just at home not much to do miss hanging out with friends and going to fun places. So bored. Plus living alone is lame XD💙😂