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Worth the read 10 out of 10 adorable and cute overall lol I really liked the cat it was sassy aside from that the two characters were  refreshing it was different for once and I love how the author wrote it  it was well done and HELLA  realistic like I hate how every yaoi comic wants to make it out like the Se× part is easy and automatically steamy and wonderful like especially the first time like nope🙅‍♀️ especially for two guys  this story was funny and cute but the author made it realistic  which I loved I feel like the people on the comment section on a different website who found this comic boring and a handful didn't see that the relationship wouldn't last are those people who only like manga or manhwa  yaoi stories where it's a handsome hot guy who goes after someone else and their time of Se× was amazing👍 and they kept on going and they had a lot of drama like seriously dude that's not realistic at all 

The two characters of  Mijika na Koi Dato Omou Kedo

Really cared about each other and the guy was very nervous and wants his partner to be comfortable and happy and he doesn't call him pretty but the word cute  it's a very cute realistic relationship and it really does happen this way for a lot of guys especially with their partner it was a very cute story  overall 

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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