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Hello you!! (oh yes, you!)

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I really enjoy anime so you could recommend me any anime that you like. I also watch a lot of series, so we can talk for series too if you're a series maniac! :P 

I dont really have a favorite type of genre but i know that i dont really like mecha! What i most enjoy is Adventure/Fantasy/Mystery types of animes, so feel free to recommend any of those! ;)

I have a favorite AMV that one friend of mine here in AP, said it would be worth watching. Firstly his name would be Andreichekov and the AMV is called Shelter! Enjoy! ;)





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Most loved character from Haikyuu is YU NISHINOYA! I cant get enough of him! :)
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Just look at that posture!!!

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I was actually left with my mouth open most of the time. So many feels..

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AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST.......dum dum dum...*drum roll*..

                            From this anime I have 2 favorite characters! You might already know thou who they are lol..  

Firstly there Killua!!:

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The little brat is awesome! Although he seems to be a little kid he can be very intimidating sometimes

I just love him so much <3 *.*

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Second favorite chatacter is...dum dum dum*...Hisoka! HA! You didn't see that coming did you? xD *lies*

The guy can be very scary....

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...And also very pedofile at the same time! xD *Hentai Alert*..

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ALSOOOO!!! I happen to have one of the long-animes as a favourite..The story was great and I'm so sad that it ended.
That was a big hint! *ding* I have so many favourite chatacters and I cant't tell them all one by one, but if you may say, they're all main heroes!


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I could watch like 60 episodes in a day, so much love for this anime.. i think i can see it all again from the top!


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And as the story continues..Best of luck to you too Boruto! May your dreams come true as your fathers did. :)

 Also, here's a nice photo I found with Kurama..(Ps..I luuuuuuuuv Kurama!!!)

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ALSOOOO, I happen to have a role model..AOMINE DAIKI!

You will understand why in this picture..

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I love the guy! xD
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Feel free to follow as I will follow you back! Oh and dont forget to send me messages with whatever you want! ^-^ I'd be glad to have a nice conversation with you anytime!! SAYONARA MY FRIEND!! Hope you visit again! <3

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you seem cool so ima follow you XD

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Do you still live on this earth?

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Heyya!! Your profile looks awesome. Id love to chat with people who love anime ..... Hope you reply soon

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Hey, thanks for following me ^^ I'm following you back now!

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How are you? Watching any good anime at the moment?

tweird Aug 6, 2018

And sorry for those spelling mistake. you see I just woke up from my slumber.and  My eyes are like TOTALLY Cars INDICATORS ...xd.

And i couldn't even understand what I was typing.