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>Be me

>Be 16

>New school, introduced to class

>Meet guy who is an asshole, let's call him Shitgut

>Shitgut tries to start bullying me

>Be alpha and resist

>Don't make many friends, don't need them

>Notice Shitgut bullies other kids

>Decide to fuck him up

>Figure where his locker is

>Wait until school is over, follow him home from a safe distance, unseen

>Mark down where he lives, GTFO

>Find out he does hockey, figure out where his ice rink is, and what time he trains

>Spend six months practically stalking that fuck, making sure I don't get caught

>Map out where he is at any time, at all times

>Then proceed to phase two, buy a pineapple

>On a day I get off school earlier than he does, bike to his house and leave the pineapple at the door

>His parents ain't home for hours, seen by nobody

>He tells people about the pineapple tomorrow, nobody cares

>Two weeks later, sneak a pineapple at the ice rink, in the men's dressing room

>People think he's making it up

>Start buying a pineapple on a regular basis, always have it ready when opportunity strikes

>Hallway empty, pick his locker and leave a pineapple

>His motorbike is unwatched, leave a pineapple

>He doesn't mention the pineapples to anyone anymore

>Figure out where they keep his home's spare key

>Skip school, sneak into his home while his parents work

>Leave a pineapple on his bed

>Hear he's failing

>His parents put up a security camera, I figure the blind spot and dodge that shit

>Send him a fucking pineapple for christmas through the mail from a fake address

>He doesn't show up to school every day anymore

>Don't even think about why I do it anymore, it's just for shits and giggles now

>Bombard that fuck with random pineapples every few weeks for two fucking years

>School year ends, finish school

>Go to college like a boss

>Come back home for the holidays

>Hear someone from my old school had had a panic attack at the grocery store

>It's Shitgut.

>Someone had left a fucking pineapple on the beer shelf.

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