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This is my least favorite of Sumino Sensei's novels. Perhaps it's because I did not fully understand it. All of his works are meaningful and explore life from the perspective of youth. This novel is separated into five sections, each from the perspective of a different classmate, each with their own unique power. I understood the plot and resolution at face value but struggled to see the underlying meaning and "moral of the story" that Sumino Sensei's books have. 

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Carnufex Oct 31, 2022

Spoilers ahead, do not read if you haven’t read the novel

The way I understand it, the powers are a visual representation of each character’s empathy. And what’s noteworthy, is that each one firmly believes they’re the only one seeing the other’s emotions, and “manipulating” them. Also, each character has another character who defies any kind of logic in regards to their own power, so they can’t “read” them.

So the moral, if there’s ever a need for it, could be that everyone’s the same: we try to understand the people close to us the best we can and to act accordingly.