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Ratings are based on enjoyment and quality. 

5*-BEST SHIT EVER- My very favourites, the shows I find to be the most enjoyable and/or to be of the highest quality I've seen. There are some shows in there which have SOME flaws BUT have correctly done something unique, different or have perfectly executed/done: arcs, stories, characters, ideas, power systems, art styles, animation, dialogues, etc.

4.5*-Incredible- While being one of my best experiences and/or might be one of my favourite shows, it still has some unforgivable flaws. There are some shows in there which have MANY flaws BUT have interestingly done something unique, different or have excellently executed/done: arcs, stories, characters, ideas, power systems, art styles, animation, dialogues, etc.

4*-Very Good- A show which I have enjoyed a lot and/or found to be of high quality.

3.5*-Good- Enjoyable show with some/a lot of value which has done more things right than wrong. 

3*-Okay- Watchable show which has done some things right and some things wrong and has ended up as an average... Not bad nor good...

2.5*-Bearable- Not much to see here but it's watchable.

2*-Unbearable- It's just beneath the level of being watchable...

1.5*-Very Bad- Can't be much worse...

1*-Horrible- What in the UNholy name of Satan is this shit?


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StrawberryTitan May 20, 2020

Yeah I'm making it completely different. Starting fresh i guess.

StrawberryTitan May 20, 2020

Hi there! Sorry if this username is not familiar. I used to be under the name SubstituteShinigami but decided to shut down the account due to someone harassing me constantly and making multiple accounts to purposely post hate comments on my profile. I wanted to just let you know. I have not forgotten about my followers and value the friendships I have made on here.

sushisushisushi Dec 22, 2019

Image result for anime cool gif

you didnt reaaaaaaally miss my bday kinda but no :D no worries tho we all have our own lives and such :P but never mind about my birthday! EARLY (or if you read this later) LATE CHRISTMAS MY GOOD FELLOW! hope you havew a good one :D do some fun stuff or just relax and if you have a bussy one then i wish you the best of luck! 

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also you dont have to be early or anything :D just reply when every you feel like xD

sushisushisushi Nov 20, 2019

xD hahaha yeaaaah im that guy.....

Image result for anime heh gif

xD im kidding~ it was last saturday :D

hahaha but yeah life is...*cough* alright ha ha ha just studies and yeh OH! but its my bday soon..

Image result for anime cool gif im sure youll care very much *thumbs up*

i just sent my birthday list on the family group chat xD "you BETTER buy it all people!" haha jk :P but yeah not much has happened <3 and no worries on being 'late' haha i was only months late for everyone else xD but anyways happy to talk again :D 

sushisushisushi Nov 9, 2019

hello! yes im alive once again....heh. but yeah 2019 is a bit....yeeeeeh 

Image result for anime gif hide

but hows life heh. i havent been on here for ages and i so i hope you even remember who i am if not feel free to ask me xD