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Welcome my fellow anime viewers!


Hello, i'm Acetrig! I'm new here and my "want to watch" list is kinda long but I have watched a lot of the anime there already (at least 60%) xD

My first animes were Naruto and Naruto shippuden, including the movies and I have watched those both already 2 times (maybe 3) :p My anime watching time is probably a bit more then what you see on my profile. But I haven't marked them as 'watched' since it has been a few years and I will probably watch them ones (or more times) more. I haven't marked any of my already watched animes for the same reason, although there might be some animes I will mark as watched if i can't rewatch it. But for the moment my watching progress is still 100% correct! :)

Aside from watching anime, i spend time playing League of Legends and on the PS4, reading mangas and light novels, and getting together with friends. These are the things I spend time on right now and the past year(s). For the near future I would love to get my motorcycle drivers license and eventually a motorcycle to ride :D and finding a job after i'm finished with studying would be nice too :p

My favorite animes of all times are:

Some explanation about what the stars mean I give an anime:

The lowest I give is 1.5* The reason is there has to be something good about it, even after dropping since I already chose to put it in my "wanted to watch"-list. I was convinced about the anime and wanted to try it out.

Some facts about me:

  1. I watch anime for fun and to relax.
  2. I'm only interessed in LN or mangas from anime I have watched. I decided after an anime if I want to know more about the story.
  3. I never watch an anime that is still airing. I'm a guy that has to watch a season from start to finish. The only exception atm: 86:eighty-six 2nd season (due to a delay in production or whatever)
  4. I will start reading mangas and LN if I have all the books. Since I'm still missing a lot of books, i can't start reading most of the manags and LN. I also need the book in my hands, NO EBOOKS ALLOWED! That is my policy.

If you wanna follow me, i'll follow back! If you wanna talk, i'll talk back ;)

Carpe diem & peace!


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Bloom19 Sep 30, 2022

Well hello there! First I will say thank you for following me and second I will answar your questions! ^_^

Hahaha I do know I have A LOT of GIF's I just like it! (You have to watch my page with a computer or else it is not the same experience if it is on the phone...)

1. Holo "Spice and Wolf" 2. Cattleya BAUDELAIRE "Violet Evergarden" 3. Blizzard of Hell (Fubuki) "One-Punch Man" 4. Yona "Yona of the Dawn" 5. San "Princess Mononoke" 6. Katara " Avatar: The Last Airbender" 7. Yor "SPY x FAMILY" 8. Nanami "Kamisama Kiss" 9. Erza Scarlet "Fairy Tail"

Hahaha yes I am as tall as Hak if you can believe that ;) The girl in the middle are Charlotte Abelfreyja DROSSEL "Violet Evergarden" and my hair is that color and about that length she is shorter then me it will at up (it goes down to my butt hihi) Well I have green eyes as Usui they are not exactly apple green more like a pine tree green mixed with a little olive green bat that is hard to fint in anime characters haha but I do have the cat eyes that Usui have hihi!

Of the last: 1. Shigeo KAGEYAMA (Mob) "Mob Psycho 100" 2. Hatsuharu SOHMA (Haru) "Fruit Basket" 3. Levi "AOT" 4. Erin "AOT" 5. Ken KANEKI "Tokyo Ghoul" 6. Vanitas "The Case Study of Vanitas"

Hahaha funny well if you know to the 16 personality types then I am a mix of four IXXJ (I am not 100% satisfied with the picture but they have to match in colors so idk)

Hihi that is perfectly fine I did write on my profile if you have any questions then I will be happy to help ^_^ And thank you so much that makes me very happe that you enjoyed it! >///<

If you have more questions then just ask! ;)

Well thank you and you too have a nice day/night!

wucchu May 21, 2022

Hello there and sorry for the late reply! I found your profile interesting and we have also watched many same animes so I hit the follow button. Thank you for doing the same! :)

Oh wow, I didn't even realise that until you pointed it out. What a coincidence! And I'm not sorry for the cheek pinching but I'll consider taking it easy since you asked so nicely. :D

I hope you'll have a great morning/day/evening/night as well! 

(have some more pinching just for the sake of it cx)